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MIKOYAN MiG-21 — - 21.09.2019. NATO days , Ostrava , Czech republic.
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21.09.2019. NATO days , Ostrava , Czech republic.


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Great pic!
Alan Brown
Great photo, thanks for posting it.
David Seider
Nice shot!
Is it just me, or does the pilot look like a sardine that has been stuffed into a tin?
Hi Arkadiusz , This is a super photo , thanks for posting .Can you say if the Czechs uses both Russian and western made fighter jets .I just never imagine having a mig jet in our NATO forces.
Scarry looking.....unless your in an F-4.
Arkadiusz CieslakPhoto Uploader
Hi Doug. Czechs use at this moment Gripens , from Sweden same as Hungary. They don`t have Soviet fighters. Only helicopters from Russia. At this photo You see Mig 21 from Romanian Air Force , and Romanian modernisation of this plane , called LanceR. They use Mig 21 and F-16 from Portugal ( they buy it from Portugal Air Force) Slovakia and Bulgaria use stil Mig 29 . Poland have F-16C , Mig 29 and Su 22M4 , so my country still use Soviet and western fighters. In the plan is to BUY by Poland 32x F-35 untill 2026.


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