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SUKHOI Su-22 (PAF3920) - Kleine Brogel Spottersday 2015
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SUKHOI Su-22 (PAF3920)


Kleine Brogel Spottersday 2015


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Greg Byington
Hmmmm... While I like this photo a lot, I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that this is not a Cessna 421. (At least, it does not look like any 421 that I have been on/in/around before.) I'll assume that there was a glitch in the system, again, when the aircraft type was entered.
Arkadiusz CieslakPhoto Uploader
Hi Greg . That`s system fault off course , i try to change it a lot of times but nothing happened .... SU - 22 M4 is still C421 , and registration number is stil N3920 not 3920 ...
Greg Byington
Yeah, the FA system for tagging aircraft type is not easy to work with. And once it is entered I don't think you can change it. But I guessed you would know the difference between a Cessna and a Sukhoi. Anyway, thanks for sharing the picture!
Parker Sutton
That's the weirdest Cessna I've ever seen......
beautiful photo ( photo! )
N3920 probably isn't the Polish air force registry number. It is not a U.S. registration number, either. According to the FAA database, "N3920" is not assigned to any aircraft in the U.S. registry. Also note that the Polish SU-22s have their registration number painted directly under the cockpit, and never begin with either the letter "N" or any other letter.
Alan Brown
With all of the Cessna comments aside, it is interesting to note that both the SU-22 and the MiG-21 are basically delta wing aircraft at high speeds, but only the SU has swing wing tips for better low speed control. There is a lot of basic similarities in body design also.
My first thought was ---MIG -21 then ,,, I see, oh must be the SU lol
Try Aircraft Type: SU22.

Also, note that both 3920 AND N3920 can be used to find this photo via the Tail Number option.
This is the Russian copy of the C421. The problem was somebody really screwed up in the KGB back in 1977.
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