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Boeing 747-200 (PH-MCF)


Melbourne, Tullamarine, December 31, 1989


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Gavin HughesPhoto Uploader
Especially for you Tom!

This aircraft was chartered by Qantas from Martinair. A bit more info: Qantas left the cheat line red rather than repaint it to their orange, and from photos I've now seen, painted the tail red and added the Flying Kangaroo. There is at least one pic of this aircraft with this hybrid livery, including the Flying Kangaroo, but with Martinair titles.
Darryl Sarno
Great history and photo of the Queen of the skies!
Gavin HughesPhoto Uploader
Thanks Darryl
I think I've already said this previously but if I did it is worth repeating .... I believe that you just might have one of the greatest private photographer (non-pro) collections of Queen photos in the world. There could be someone somewhere who has a larger variety of different airlines, but I truly doubt there can be many (if any) private photographers who have a better overall collection of the Queen of the Skies.
Gavin HughesPhoto Uploader
That's an incredible accolade Gary, but I'm pretty sure there would be more, even here in Oz, that would have more, let alone around the world, but thank you very much for the tremendous compliment.
Great shot and Great info Gavin!
Also the Qantas 200Bs had either JT9s or RB211s.These appear to be GE engines.
Gavin HughesPhoto Uploader
Thanks Mike, and you are correct - Engines 4 x GE CF6-50E2.
Great photo. What was her name?
I just Googled Martinair and there she is with the Martinair Holland livery and the Flying Kangaroo tail!
What was her name?
Great photo thank you.
Gavin HughesPhoto Uploader
Hi Pamela, thank you for the compliment. The name was 'Prins Claus'.
Thank you for the info.
ken kemper
Awesome Vantage Point that you have at your disposal.
Gavin HughesPhoto Uploader
It USED to be Ken. Tullamarine had huge viewing areas back in the day. From new photos and a question to the photographer, there is a new spot that is pretty good, but nowhere near as extensive as the old terminal layout.
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