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McDonnell Douglas DC-10 (PK-GIB) - This was taken December 26 1985 and was a Garuda Indonesian aircraft leased to Continental from November 1985 to June 1987.
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McDonnell Douglas DC-10 (PK-GIB)


This was taken December 26 1985 and was a Garuda Indonesian aircraft leased to Continental from November 1985 to June 1987.


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Sandi Jones
Great photo Gavin!
Gavin HughesPhoto Uploader
Thanks Sandi. It would be good if we still had these open location opportunities.
David Seider
A beautiful aircraft and livery, and a great photo - just as crisp and sharp as the day it was developed!
Gary Schenauer
I am in full agreement w/ David. This is my new computer wallpaper and it looks awesome!!
Gavin HughesPhoto Uploader
jthyland, David and Gary: many thanks for the compliments, and Gary, I am very flattered.
David Seider
"The Proud Bird with the Golden Tail" - or so I remember!
Marcus McEwan
Was this photo taken at Melbourne Airport? I remember these great aircraft back in the 80's. Thanks for the post. Really sharp photo. Takes me back to less complicated times. Thanks heaps.
Gavin HughesPhoto Uploader
Hi Marcus, sorry, been offline for a few days. Yes it was Melbourne.
Joan Williams
Awesome old photo, Gavin. (Wish I was alive in these era!)
Gavin HughesPhoto Uploader
Thanks Joan. We 'oldies' look back fondly at what were great aircraft in the day, but you'll find in 30 years that many of today's aircraft will be viewed the same way by a younger generation. One of the best things though was more relaxed security. We honoured waist height fences and barriers and airports here in Australia had open observation areas such as Melbourne above. All that's gone and we're left to photograph through glass or stand on ladders or at distances to get pics - gimme the 'good old days' for many reasons.
Amir Begloei
A legend of an aircraft...great shot!
Gavin HughesPhoto Uploader
Thanks Amir. Glad so many enjoy these memories.
Bobby Allison
Your collection of tri-holers is exquisite, Gavin! And a nice album altogether!
Gavin HughesPhoto Uploader
Thanks Bobby, you're comments are very much appreciated.
Excellent picture quality for its time!
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