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— — - SCNG Combined Arms Demo Wall of Fire.  SC Joint National Guard Base, McEntire, SC.
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SCNG Combined Arms Demo Wall of Fire. SC Joint National Guard Base, McEntire, SC.


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Ed Jones
Awesome shot!!!!!
anton berk
that is a hot photo.
Bill Butler
Scares me...and I'm fearless :)
Ron Carver
Incredible shot! Looks like it could be from an action movie! So, this is a training exercise, correct?
Super shot. Must be scary like hell flying thru a fire like this with a load of fuel on board.
David K Young
The explosion happened afterward the helo passed over. You can see the top of the smoke and there is no disturbance indicating something on gone through the explosion. Still, a great shot!
Good picture! Really can bring some feelings out! Feel sad about the destruction!
Tim Deer
Awesome picture!
Loren Wood
I just got to ask this question....Is Rambo flying?


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