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Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress (N5017N) - B-17 starting up
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Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress (N5017N)


B-17 starting up


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Tom Heaverlo
Number 4 comes to life! Great shot.
Jordan PaulsonPhoto Uploader
Thank you both!
serge LOTH
Very nice shot.. good old lady... 5*
Edson Luiz Duarte Dias
ken kemper
Great action photo Jordan..........
Brad Wong
Barry Erlich
Sentimental Journey? Still miss the 909.
Great shot
frank theriault
Great shot! Tight framing works very well here.
Chris Bryant
I'm going to take a stab at guessing this is a late-model "F". Basing that on what I've read, this has the chin turret, but the cheek guns are still both in the forward window. The "G" models moved the right cheek gun to the middle window.
a mentor
Bendix-built "chin turret" directly below the bombardier's accommodation.

The ammunition load was over 11,000 rounds. All of these modifications made the YB-40 well over 10,000 lb (4,500 kg) heavier than a fully loaded B-17F. The YB-40s with their numerous heavy modifications had trouble keeping up with the lighter bombers once they had dropped their bombs, *so the project was abandoned and finally phased out in July 1943.*

The final production blocks of the B-17F from Douglas' plants did, however, adopt the YB-40's "chin turret", giving them a much-improved forward defense capability.
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