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Boeing 707-300 (N404PA)


404PA landing on rwy 29 at BED after doing pattern work at BGR. Word has it, Hannah only has a few more missions with Lincoln Labs before she’s to be transferred to the Navy.


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Interesting that this bird belongs to USAF, but has a civilian registration. Anyone know if it originally belonged to Pan Am?
This a/c did belong to Pan Am and operated for them for 14 years , christened Clipper Seven Seas.

It now belongs to MIT Lincoln Laboratory and sees about 100 hours a year .

The bulk of the work performed by N404PA is for the USAF
I loved that plane. Beautiful bird, nice show.
Max WPhoto Uploader
My understanding is that it is owned and flown by the USAF but it is based out of Hanscom and is dedicated to MIT/Lincolns for R&D
Dave Sheehy
Excellent shot Max, thanks for sharing. 5*++
Simon Labone
ken kemper
A great find & aircraft Max !!
Ira Smith
Simone posted the link to the MIT Lincoln Video. Can anyone tell me what is in the left side of the hanger with what looks like a small white dog off the nose?
Saw her doing pattern work over my house in Reno last year.
The big low wing aircraft in the hanger is probably an RB-57 Canberra
Max WPhoto Uploader
elpipila, you’re mostly correct. That’s a WB-57F, operated by NASA for high altitude research. Over the past few years I’ve seen two out of their three airframes come through BED to be worked on by Linclon labs. These planes have in the past been spotted in the middle east flying communications missions for the DOD.


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