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Boeing 707-300 (N404PA)


Research 4PA jetting out of Hanscom just before sundown for a rare night flight up to Bangor for some night proficiency flying.


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Dwight Hartje
Excellent shot of this unique aircraft1
Robert Dickey
Beautiful bird even with the bumps and warts LOL
My very favorite aircraft
A few weeks ago on May 10th I stood at the end of runway 1L at MCI and was awestruck as I watched this plane takeoff over me. It was the first time I've seen a 707 takeoff and I'll never forget it.
Max WPhoto Uploader
@masonite Interesting you mention that. That flight out west was a very odd and out of character flight for this bird to undertake. We were tracking her westward path and assumed she was being retired as she was slated to be transferred out of BED soon.


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