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Antonov Antheus (UR09307)



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Roy Hunte
Great shot!
A rare photo of the real Antheus.
Roy Hunte
Anyone know what the big hole in the main gear fairing is for?
Roy Hunte
At the front of the fairing.
Torsten Hoff
My best guess is that it is for the APU. Here is a closeup showing the intake and two exhaust ports:
Roy Hunte
Cool thanx Torsten.
Mark Thomas
Is there only one of these, like the An225. Would love to hear the sound this thing makes!
John Rumble
Torsten ; Thanks for the close up shot. I'm astounded at the number of rivets holding this together. It looks like a patchwork quilt.
The new Stealth Caterpillar Drive with Captain Ramius commanding.
Jim Quinn
Most Russian aircraft are simply ugly. This one does not escape it. Nice photo, though.
Pavel KapustinPhoto Uploader
This Ukrainian plane!Ukrainian !!!
Jim Smith
Cooling air for the brakes? Fully loaded that gear configuration would trap a lot of heat in the fairings. Flipped up door might be APU inlet.
What an excellent shot the contra-rotating props...not many of these AN22's left..still holds a multitude of records including world's largest prop driven aircraft
No Mark there is more than last count I think 23 are is an excellent video showing its size with that if an Il-76
sven vollert
@ Pavel. It is not so easy too explaine. The birthplace of this plane is the sovjet union. Sure, now is the ukraina the home land. I think, you knows this history ;-) The political background is another anny case, the plane looks like beautiful. Great Sound. Do you was in Leipzig last week?
Pavel KapustinPhoto Uploader
The aircraft was, I unfortunately - no ... (((
Pavel KapustinPhoto Uploader
Sven! I watched your photos! Beautiful photo!
sven vollert
Thanks Pavel. This day in Leipzig was stressful but verry fine. 7 houres delay and short timeslot for photos. We waiting for departure und some more photos ;-)
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