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Photo: Gustavo Queiroz


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SBYS = Pirascununga-Fontenelle Air Force Base near Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Great shot of a man risking his life to fly a kite!
I can't tell if it's coming or going.
This aircraft is 14-BIS and was the FIRST flying prototype in the human history to fly before eyewitnesses in Paris in 1904. His builder and cientist, Albert Santos Dumont, was a brasilian french descent who created pulse watch and the shower we use the bath in a daily basis. If you want to know more about him, make a search on the web about this amazing brilliant brazilian man. In fact the aircraft was going...going to the future!!!
Now that takes courage!
renato basso
Santos Dumont. The true inventor of the plane.
gwapo santa
go for it pic
Elkin Salazar
Nice photo! It has 113 years-old. Amazing! It seems yesterday in a kite festival. What is meaning of 14 bis?, anybody knows?
Alberto Santos Dumont.
The true inventor of the plane. The 14-BIS did not need rails to fly.
Gary Eldridge
Look Closely. Standing room only!
Jeff Bishop
So this is what the Brazilian Air Force is flying these days?
Good shot!
Eric Vickery
Reminds me of this movie, if you're an aviation history buff it's worth the watch!
We proud of Santos Dumont, a special Brazilian man! He changed the world!!!
Andy Power
What a great shot! Love it!!
Mr. Dumont was a very superstitious man.
So, he made a lot of zeppelins (with the #6 he won a prize in Paris), but he never built a #13 airplane.
So, he made a #14, and later a #14 Bis (a french costume to identify something with the same number).
He also invented a stair that´s impossible to give the first step with the left foot. Only with the right foot!


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