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Boeing 757-200 (N659DL)


N659DL turning onto runway 20R for an early morning departure to Atlanta. This was the first of time times I would see it at SNA within about a three week period.


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Great catch and click, Mark. I've got all five of DAL's 737s dressed in the Skyteam garb, but I do not have a DAL 757 wearing these clothes. At present, Delta does not fly 57s into Reno; however, DAL is starting new service here in December (RNO-ATL direct) and I'm hoping they use 757 equipment on the route. If they do, I'll have a chance at snapping this one. *****
Mark SeePhoto Uploader
Hi Gary thank you for the comment.

I was a bit interested in Delta's new service to RNO so I did a little bit of digging on Delta's website. There is a little bit of good news for you, but quite a bit more bad.

Delta WILL be flying 757s on every frequency that I can see (I went from the start of the service on 12/19 all the way through mid January)... that's the good. The bad is, that through the holidays they have two flights per week (not per day, but per week) and after that the frequency drops to one flight a week. And to add just a little more bad news, the flight won't get in until about 8:30 pm, but it does leave at 7am the next morning so depending on the time of year you will get a chance to snap it in daylight before it leaves.

Hopefully though if it is profitable they will up the number of frequencies per week and you will get more chances to see this paint on a 757 :)
Roy Hunte
Mark SeePhoto Uploader
Thanks Roy :)
Dwight Hartje
Nice side shot! I almost saw this one, but it came in the day before I arrived.
Mark SeePhoto Uploader
Thanks Dwight! I'm sure you will get another chance to snap it out at RDU :) It seems to visit SNA almost weekly.
Mark ... Hey, TY for the info about the equipment (757) DAL will use. I knew about the schedule and frequency because that info was announced during the new service celebration, but I had not known it would indeed be a 757. The daytime / nighttime hours (for photos) are not a concern because I can get right out on the DAL ramp to snap it. It will be super to see B757 paxbirds here again. UPS and FDX have them here, but regularly scheduled 757 passenger jets stopped coming here quite a while ago. With all the new businesses coming here, the influx of new residents is heavy, so hopefully it means even more large passenger liners will soon be coming.
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Data Aeromobile Origine Destinazione Partenza Arrivo Durata
12/nov/2019 B752Int'l di Orlando ()Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson () 17:28 EST 18:36 EST Schedulato
12/nov/2019 B752Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson ()Int'l di Orlando () 15:03 EST 16:04 EST Schedulato
12/nov/2019 B752Int'l di San Jose ()Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson () 06:42 PST 13:54 EST Schedulato
11/nov/2019 B752Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson ()Int'l di San Jose () 16:10 EST 17:52 PST In volo
11/nov/2019 B752Int'l di Orlando ()Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson () 13:32 EST 14:32 EST 1:00
11/nov/2019 B752Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson ()Int'l di Orlando () 11:00 EST 12:02 EST 1:01
11/nov/2019 B752Int'l di Southwest Florida ()Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson () 08:04 EST 09:22 EST 1:17
10/nov/2019 B752Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson ()Int'l di Southwest Florida () 20:22 EST 21:33 EST 1:10
10/nov/2019 B752Int'l di Orlando ()Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson () 17:44 EST 18:43 EST 0:59
10/nov/2019 B752Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson ()Int'l di Orlando () 15:17 EST 16:22 EST 1:04
10/nov/2019 B752Int'l di San Jose ()Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson () 06:45 PST 13:45 EST 3:59
09/nov/2019 B752Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson ()Int'l di San Jose () 20:11 EST 21:38 PST 4:26
09/nov/2019 B752Cyril E King ()Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson () 16:01 AST 18:47 EST 3:46
09/nov/2019 B752Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson ()Cyril E King () 10:45 EST 14:46 AST 3:00
09/nov/2019 B752Int'l di Tampa ()Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson () 06:11 EST 07:16 EST 1:04
08/nov/2019 B752Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson ()Int'l di Tampa () 21:20 EST 22:22 EST 1:01
08/nov/2019 B752Int'l di Sacramento ()Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson () 12:25 PST 19:28 EST 4:03
08/nov/2019 B752Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson ()Int'l di Sacramento () 09:20 EST 10:51 PST 4:30
08/nov/2019 B752Int'l di Detroit ()Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson () 06:19 EST 07:50 EST 1:31
07/nov/2019 B752Int'l di Seattle-Tacoma ()Int'l di Detroit () 12:30 PST 19:00 EST 3:29
07/nov/2019 B752Int'l di Detroit ()Int'l di Seattle-Tacoma () 09:18 EST 10:51 PST 4:32
06/nov/2019 B752Int'l di Tampa ()Int'l di Detroit () 19:32 EST 21:41 EST 2:09
06/nov/2019 B752Int'l di Detroit ()Int'l di Tampa () 16:05 EST 18:14 EST 2:08
06/nov/2019 B752Int'l di Tampa ()Int'l di Detroit () 12:28 EST 14:34 EST 2:05
06/nov/2019 B752Int'l di Detroit ()Int'l di Tampa () 09:07 EST 11:18 EST 2:11
05/nov/2019 B752Int'l di Los Angeles ()Int'l di Detroit () 14:55 PST 21:36 EST 3:40
05/nov/2019 B752internazionale Juan Santamaría ()Int'l di Los Angeles () 10:10 CST 13:35 PST 5:25
04/nov/2019 B752Int'l di Los Angeles ()internazionale Juan Santamaría () 23:33 PST 06:43 CST (+1) 5:10
04/nov/2019 B752Int'l di Città del Messico ()Int'l di Los Angeles () 17:15 CST 18:51 PST 3:35
04/nov/2019 B752Int'l di Los Angeles ()Int'l di Città del Messico () 10:22 PST 15:29 CST 3:07
04/nov/2019 B752Int'l di Orlando ()Int'l di Los Angeles () 06:25 EST 08:21 PST 4:56
03/nov/2019 B752Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson ()Int'l di Orlando () 20:44 EST 21:43 EST 0:58
03/nov/2019 B752internazionale Juan Santamaría ()Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson () 14:24 CST 18:58 EST 3:33
03/nov/2019 B752Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson ()internazionale Juan Santamaría () 10:53 EST 13:12 CST 3:18
03/nov/2019 B752Int'l di Richmond ()Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson () 07:23 EST 08:39 EST 1:15
02/nov/2019 B752Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson ()Int'l di Richmond () 22:06 EDT 23:08 EDT 1:01
02/nov/2019 B752Int'l di Southwest Florida ()Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson () 17:48 EDT 19:05 EDT 1:16
02/nov/2019 B752Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson ()Int'l di Southwest Florida () 15:18 EDT 16:28 EDT 1:09
02/nov/2019 B752Int'l di San Jose ()Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson () 06:42 PDT 13:41 EDT 3:58
01/nov/2019 B752Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson ()Int'l di San Jose () 20:15 EDT 21:51 PDT 4:35
01/nov/2019 B752Int'l La Aurora ()Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson () 13:13 CST 18:13 EDT 2:59
01/nov/2019 B752Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson ()Int'l La Aurora () 10:48 EDT 11:43 CST 2:54
01/nov/2019 B752New Orleans Intl ()Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson () 07:08 CDT 09:04 EDT 0:55
31/ott/2019 B752Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson ()New Orleans Intl () 20:16 EDT 20:25 CDT 1:08
31/ott/2019 B752Int'l di Seattle-Tacoma ()Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson () 10:47 PDT 17:47 EDT 4:00
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