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North American P-51 Mustang (NL251MX)


"Betty Jane" taxing past my spotting location on its way to runway 20R. This was the first tour flight for this pilot because when I heard him call the tower on my handheld radio, he asked and they had to tell him the route of flight that the other Collings Foundation aircraft had been using (out over the water and then following the coastline up to Long Beach and then back.


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Mark SeePhoto Uploader
As you can easily see from the very distorted background it was a VERY hot day, but that did not not stop me or the 50 or so others that flocked to SNA to see the Collings Foundation aircraft out and about. I actually was just there to spot forgetting that they were scheduled to be there that day and I'm glad I did because I have photos of all the other Collings aircraft except this one.
Congrats on an outstanding catch, Mark. 5 Bravos.
Don't know if you keep a "calendar" of upcoming aviation events like I do, but, IF you do, "FiFi" will be in Sacramento in September (arrives on the 29th thru Oct 2).
Also, the newest You Tube release of an old 8mm movie segment of my old films is now posted. It is about 2 and a half minutes long ... and the Q is better than any of the other four previous ones. I won't post links to them all; it is easy to find all 5 if you enter "Gary Schenauer You Tube" into Google. They will pop right up.
And while I'm here ... one more thing ... Last week, I had posted a pic of an F/A-18E with the air refueling probe extended. The pic was "color-faulty" and I am very pleased that FA has honored my request to delete it. I offered to send it to a couple FA members via private email and Sam P. accepted. At the time, I accidentally failed to extend the offer to you. I meant to do so. If you wish me to, I can email you a color-corrected copy. ;-)
Mark SeePhoto Uploader
Thank you very much for the comment Gary.

I do keep a calendar of events like you do, but I was not yet aware that it was going to be in Sacramento then. I will try and get up there if I am able to. I had seen the comments on that photo and was going to request one in a comment next time I saw that you were online. So yes, I would love it if you emailed me a copy... thank you in advance, also when you do I will send a reply of my travel plans to RNO this summer. I will head over to youtube here in a few minutes to check those videos out :)
Dwight Hartje
Outstanding catch and capture, Mark! So this was an accidental catch?
Mark SeePhoto Uploader
Dwight- thank you for the comment and it was kind of accidental. I did know that they were going to be there, but I had completely forgotten about it until I got to the airport.
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