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Beechcraft King Air F90 (N90VC) - N90VC holding short of runway 20R on Bravo. They were sitting in this spot for about four minutes while waiting for other traffic.
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Beechcraft King Air F90 (N90VC)


N90VC holding short of runway 20R on Bravo. They were sitting in this spot for about four minutes while waiting for other traffic.


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Dwight Hartje
Great shot, Mark! 5 stars from me!
Mark SeePhoto Uploader
Thanks Dwight and I was pretty lucky to get it because there isn't always a whole lot going on on this side of the airport as the terminals and most of the GA parking is on the other side.
Tremendous click! Clean and sharp, perfect prop blur, and even the "belly beacon." This is my newest computer wallpaper. Fantastic! A tip of my spotter's cap to you, Mark.
Mark SeePhoto Uploader
Thank you so much Gary, I'm very honored and glad to hear that. I'm going to email you the photo so that it won't have the watermark and the quality should be better.
Mark; I have several thousand pics of GA aircraft (which, due to a "gentlemen's agreement" with our local FBO, I cannot share publicly). (Nevada's rather liberal "entertainment" laws mean that it is best if visiting GA aircraft not be posted, and in return for that courtesy I am able to get close access to visiting military aircraft ramped there. The benefits are mutual. lol But I digress ... ) The point I wish to make is that if this was my GA aircraft shot, I'd be proud to claim it. Also, for several years now, when I find a photog whose pics are particularly impressive, I create a "Best Of ..." folder of that photographer's finest clicks. Until yesterday, I had ten such folders. Now, I have eleven, and this snap is the first one I'm putting in my newest folder, "Best Of Mark See." I honestly enjoy looking over the photos taken by photographers who are 1) honestly serious about aviation photography, 2) constantly striving to improve and to try new angles, WX and lighting conditions, etc., 3) not just "fair weather photographers," and 4) who don't do so much editing that the picture barely resembles the original click. (That last reason is the #1 reason why I have so few folders ... lol). I want to thank you publicly for sharing the unmarked copy of your picture with me. This is an awesome "folder first foto" and I am greatly appreciative to you for sending it. ;-)
Mark SeePhoto Uploader
Gary thank you so much for for sharing that, it really means a lot to me to have an accomplished photographer like yourself make a folder just for my work. I also want to thank you for always taking the time to answer all of my questions and help me with whatever I've needed since I joined the site.
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Data Aeromobile Origine Destinazione Partenza Arrivo Durata
16/giu/2021 BE9TVicino Hazleton, PAScranton Intl () First seen 18:05 EDT 18:18 EDT 0:12
07/giu/2021 BE9TScranton Intl ()Vicino Hazleton, PA 16:06 EDT Last seen 16:14 EDT 0:07
07/giu/2021 BE9TOcean City Muni ()Scranton Intl () 10:20 EDT 11:24 EDT 1:04
07/giu/2021 BE9TScranton Intl ()Ocean City Muni () 08:54 EDT 09:42 EDT 0:48
06/giu/2021 BE9TPortland Muni ()Tri-Cities () 00:17 EDT 02:03 EDT 1:46
05/giu/2021 BE9TScranton Intl ()Portland Muni () 20:40 EDT 22:39 EDT 1:59
04/giu/2021 BE9LPortland Muni ()Scranton Intl () 22:00 EDT 23:49 EDT 1:49
04/giu/2021 BE9LPortland Muni ()Tri-Cities () 22:00 EDT Dirottato
04/giu/2021 BE9TWilkes-Barre Valley ()Portland Muni () 11:28 EDT 13:46 EDT 2:18
04/giu/2021 BE9TScranton Intl ()Wilkes-Barre Valley () 11:07 EDT 11:09 EDT 0:02
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