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North American P-51 Mustang


My mom's boss in the 70's was Col. Robert P Pasqualicchio. This was his plane and he had a picture of it hanging in his office. "Ol' NaDSoB" was Napalm Droppin' Son of a B*tch!


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C.W. Reed
One of a kind photo here! Would give 10 * if I could! Looks like somewhere in Korea. Thank You Chris! Cheers!!
chughesetPhoto Uploader
Thanks for the kind comments. Forgot to mention in the original post, his call sign was "Pancho".
Alan Brown
Great photo, and again a one of a kind. Thank you for posting this.
John Rumble
@ C.W. Reed
Korean War exactly
Found this by Googling the Squadron FF-64X on the side
Jean-Jacques Bousson
Magnifique photo de ce superbe North American P-51 Mustang.Bravo le photographe.!
En 1945, j'avais 13 ans et le Mustang était mon avion de chasse préféré.Je reconnaissais tous
les avions, allemands,anglais et americains qui passaient dans le ciel de Belgique.
Plein d'admiration, j ai vu passer beaucoup de Mustangs au-dessus de ma tête et n'oublierai jamais ce magnifique chasseur.

Jean-Jacques Bousson.
Great photo. I always like looking at details in these vintage photos for some sort of context. For instance, in the background in this photo there are several folks who's attention is on something in the distance. Also looks like another P-51 in the background with British? markings...definitely not USAF.
bob reeves
JJ Tyson
Looks like that day he was loaded up with under wing HVAR rockets. HVAR was an effective weapon in the hands of skilled, experienced pilots.
Do that today and there would be 20 people cleaning the plane with qtips.
marylou anderson
thanks for the Hx lesson!
Gerardo Ángulo
Exelent friends p51 fantastic
Gerardo Ángulo
El p51 es uno de los PP referidos para mi amigos camaradas de aviación
Gerardo Ángulo
El p51 es uno de los PP referidos para mi amigos camaradas de aviación
Steve Saunders
Great photo thanks. The one in the background looks to be Australian or South African.


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