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Alan Brown
Great photo! Having only seen the racing versions it is good to see the original version of the Bearcat.
Great looking bird!
5*'s John!
Mike Padnom
Magnifique....le F8F et F4U certainement parmi les 5 plus beaux warbirds au monde !!( World's finest aircraft !!!)
If I am not mistaken,didn't The Bearcat have the most kills in The US Navy during WW11 the any other Naval or Marine Corps fighter ?
Todd Royer
Your thinking of the Grumman F6F Hellcat, the Bearcat was just about ready to deploy when WW II ended. First combat was in French hands during the Indochina war
Art Murray
I know what the owner of this bird does every weekend. It has to do with a can of polish and a buffer!
John Galloway
No, it was the Hellcat that had the most kills ...the Bearcat came out near the end of the war
Thomas Meyer
J.W. Fornof was killed in one in Rhode Island ata an Air Show.... Wing fell off in flight.
I remember when Bill Fornof was flying his Bearcat in the late 60's and leading to his fateful 1971 crash. He owned a Cadillac dealership in Houma, LA, and was the father of famous aviator Corkey Fornof.
I grew up next to the airport where Bob Kuchera kept his Bearcat and his P-38. He used to scream down the runway, airborne and at the upwind end pulled the stick back, full-throttle and would disappear at maximum climb into the clouds...the sound was electrifying...this machine brings back these great boyhood memories...Any here ever meet Bob Kuchera?
a mentor
@WARBIRD Grumman F8F Bearcat
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19/nov/2021 UnknownIndianapolis Metro ()Indianapolis Metro () 14:16 EST 15:01 EST (?) 0:45
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