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North American Trojan (N746SH)



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Kevin Popeck
That really is great shot you took. You almost put us right in the cockpit.
Amazing shot!
Sweet. T-28B. Wright Cyclone R-1820-86A. 2 stage supercharger. 52" MAP at takeoff. 1450HP.

Andrew Swart
Excellent shot.

Looks like a T-28C -- approach light on leading edge of left inboard wing panel (the tri-colored prismatic lens conveys angle of attack/airspeed to Landing Signal Officer: red is too fast, green is too slow, amber is just right). Also, likely R-1820-86B, 2 speed supercharger, and max 1425 HP at 52.5" MAP. Civilian operators seldom use more than 48" MAP on take-off, but not an issue since aircraft are lighter than when in service (heavy military radios removed, no external stores, e.g.).
I am a Naval Aviator, retired, and flew the T-28C which has the larger engine. Carrier qualified in this aircraft with Karl Moser. What a blast to fly this a/c! Launches off the carrier without a catapult. Amazing power!!
marylou anderson
Martin Coddington
Yes, great photo. Where is PO8? Doesn't come up in my data.
Stephen Myers
Yes, it is a C model. Just checked my old logs. My first 8 carrier landings made October 8, 1958 on USS Antietam. Loved both B and C's. How'd I get so old.
Thomas Burnett
VF-84 .. (Mid 60's Squadron Logo)
Zdenek BubakPhoto Uploader
Thank You for kind words!
Nice paint! I was always good a drawing in High School (Class of 87). I was exceptionally good at skulls (go figure). I did the VF-84 Helmet on one of my textbook covers. But I like Aggressors and did another book with Lenin!!!
Martin Coddington, P08 (it's Papa Zero Eight) is Coolidge Municipal airport in Arizona, about 40nm SE of KPHX. I've done a few TGLs there. It's busy!
Martin Coddington
TOMGADE...Thanks. I put in PO8 with O as in Oscar. Turns out to be 0 as in zero. Shame on me. I have a friend who owns one of these T-28s and I sent the pic to her. She loved it.
Lucius Gravely
Did you ever work at ORD? When I went there a Marty Coddington was a controller there.
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Data Aeromobile Origine Destinazione Partenza Arrivo Durata
23/gen/2020 T28Falcon Fld ()Falcon Fld () 11:07 MST 11:56 MST 0:49
23/gen/2020 T28Falcon Fld ()Falcon Fld () 09:17 MST 10:22 MST 1:04
17/gen/2020 T28Falcon Fld ()Falcon Fld () 11:29 MST 12:13 MST 0:44
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