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— — - The Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion, Yuma Kiwanis park, AZ
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The Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion, Yuma Kiwanis park, AZ


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Lonnie Penner
Great shot!!
Alex Georgescu
This looks so rugged!
Joan Williams
Beautiful shot!
Bill Butler
That's a LOT of moving parts in one place.
Michael Rogers
Cool, cool pic... cool pic
Matt Lacey
I was about to express surprise of it being in a public park. But that thought evoked a memory of a pair of military choppers landing at Bear Creek Park west of Houston while I was warming up on the driving range as a kid. Thanks for that.
David Seider
B E A S T.

That is all. Carry on.
Dragan Buric
I like it !!!!
Alan Stultz
I once heard that helicopters don't actually fly, they are just so damned ugly that the Earth repels them. I think they may have been looking at this beast when they said that, but I think she is magnificent
Zdenek BubakPhoto Uploader
Thank You for kind words....
Gavin Hughes
Love it Alan! Haven't heard it before and these certainly do fit, but aren't they magnificent!
Absolutely scary!!
Chris DiCenso
When I was in a RH-53D squadron back in the '80's we said the H-53 was 20,000 loose parts flying in close formation.
Some times they didn't fly...we averaged over 100 maintenance hours per flight hour.
Chris DiCenso
But then again what a great beast when everything worked as advertised. We did mine sweeping with them in the Persian Gulf in '87. Or as I referred to it as "Performing unnatural acts with helicopters."
Mark Loupe
What a Beast
Jamie Romero
Still one of my favorite helo's. Got the opportunity to ride in one while in the Marine Corps. Landed in the snow and couldn't see the gear. Just fuselage sitting on the snow. Wish I had pictures of it.


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