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Lockheed F-16 Fighting Falcon (86-0256)



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Arizona Air National Guard at Tuscon.
162nd Fighter Wing - FTW!
This Ghost Rider requesting a flyby :-) (OK other plane, other place) Real great picture
Bill Butler
A good camera is important. Knowing how to use it even more so. You have both! Magnificent shot! Max stars plus one.
Viv Pike
Yeah, excellent shot. 5*
I'd love to know the settings .... f/ number, ISO, and shutter speed.
bob reeves
Arizona Air National Guard at *Tucson* International Airport
Nat Sam
Cool shot, Zdenek! Love the afterburner glow showing velocity but the stillness of the pilot in the cockpit. Excellent composition.
J.J. Lasne
Great shot! You can even read the officer' s name. What armament? I see a rocket and some bombs but is it an under the wing additional tank?
Gavin Hughes
When I first saw this, I just stared at it. It's just so damned good. I know with fast frame rates, fast shutter speeds and later cropping (presumably) it makes it a bit easier to get the result, but it's still the photographer who has to pan and keep up with the speed of these planes, especially as it's far from front on. Add to that the terrific lighting. Fantastic stuff Zdenek.
Zdenek BubakPhoto Uploader
Thank you very much for kind words.
serge LOTH
Exceptionnal picture Zdenek 5*
Amir Begloei
Excellent shot!
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