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Gulfstream Aerospace Gulfstream G650 (N650NY)


LECLERCQ N650NY SN 6079 G650 gulfstream


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olivier leclercqPhoto Uploader
Owner is French LECLERCQ OLIVIER G650.
Montecito G650NY serial NO 6079 , used to be registered N83DZ.
Extra ++ cabin noise absorption = reading of 43.9 DB Sil
Quietest G650 in the entire fleet, if not quietest aircraft in the world.
Located in SBA and SLO , charter via ACI jet SLO and ACI jet Montecito.
Non smoking plane , dog welcome.
Serial NO 6079 but got new sits from serial no 6084 +

Part 135 Certified 

Forward Galley.
captain’s cabin.
Enhanced soundproofing - Quietest G650 in the world with 43.9 DB Sil average cabin noise 

Customised spacious 14 seat cabin for maximum long range comfort 

4 individual VIP seats in double club arrangement to avoid the shoulder-to-shoulder discomfort.
conference group seating in mid cabin with ultra-low arm set (not a baseball bat in the butt on this one…).
New design seats (scheduled for entry at msn 6084+) featuring 
reconfigured leg rest (as per Service Bulletin) 

Aft stateroom with opposing dual divans berthable 
to make a king size bed 

Secura Plane PreFlite Aircraft Security System 

Honeywell Runway Awareness Advisory System (RAAS) 

Honeywell LSZ-860 Lightning Sensor System 

XM Weather Data System 

2X Rolls-Royce BR725

LECLERCQ OLIVIER Plane options :

Flight Management System (FMS)
Automatic Flight Guidance System
– Sensor System
Inertial Reference System (IRS)
Head Up Display (HUD)
Enhanced Vision System (EVS)
Data Loading LAN Management
Cockpit Printer for pilots and owner or guests.
Downlinked Information

High Frequency (HF) Communications

Very High Frequency (VHF) Communications

VHF Communication / Navigation (NAVCOM)

VHF Navigation, Instrument Landing System (ILS),
and Market Beacon

Automated Direction Finder (ADF)

Air Traffic Control (ATC)–
Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS)
Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) Transceivers

Color Weather Radar
– Radio Altimeter
Satellite Communications System (SATCOM)

Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS)
Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT)
Weather Uplink
– Flight Data Recorder System (FDR)

Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR)
Central Maintenance Computer (CMC)
Standby Mulitfunction Controller (SMC)
Air Data System
Part 135 Compliant 

Crew Rest Compartment 

One (1) dual slot Blu-ray/DVD/CD player with dual 160GB media servers 

One (1) manual fill Iacobucci Hi-Fly dual-cup espresso/cappuccino maker 

One (1) manual fill Iacobucci Hi-Fly Americana coffee/tea maker 

Microwave oven 

Convection oven with overboard vent 

Refrigerator with removable shelves and freezer compartment 

Deluxe Quartz polymer countertops 

Electrically operated console tables 

Eight (8) - 12.1” widescreen HD LCD personal monitor in inboard armrest 

Two (2) three-place 80” berthable divans 

FWD and AFT Lavs 

Cabin High Definition Video 

The cabin video components are controlled through the GULFSTREAM Cabin Management 

The cabin video components are installed at the following locations:
One (1) dual slot Blu-ray/DVD/CD player incorporating dual 160GB media servers and two 
(2) USB ports is installed in the forward left-hand cabinet 

One (1) 17” widescreen HD LCD monitor is flush-mounted in the crew rest compartment 

One (1) 12.1” widescreen HD LCD personal monitor is installed in the inboard armrest of 
each single seat in the passenger cabin 

One (1) 26” widescreen HD LCD monitor is flush-mounted in the forward right-hand 
cabin bulkhead 

One (1) 26” widescreen HD LCD monitor is installed in the forward side of the left-hand 
aft cabin bulkhead 

Mid cabin bulkheads with pocket door 

individual air vents and attendant call

Extra Option for safety and security to olivier leclercq plane:
Electric Window Shades
External color high DEF camera system includes three (3) cameras 

GULFSTREAM CabinView TM Passenger Flight Information System

Capacitive touch controls for reading lights,
table lights
Two (2) Winslow FAA Part 135/EU-OPS
1 compliant thirteen-man life rafts with triple-frequency ELT (hope we never use…) 

Honeywell PlaneView II


Extra option related to safety

Triplex Flight Management System
Triple IRS
Dual GPS

Advanced Flight Control system
– Weather Radar – Predictive Wind Shear

XM WX Weather Data System


Runway Awareness Advisory System (RAAS)
Aircraft Health Trend Monitoring System (AHTMS) Air-to-Ground Link
Satcom System Aircell Axxess II Iridium Satellite Telephone System

Honeywell INMARSAT Satellite Communications System

Honeywell LSZ-860 Lightning Sensor System
MCS-7120 - Inmarsat SwiftBroadband high-speed data
SecuraPlane PreFlite Aircraft Security System

GDC - Datalink Service Provider

Customised to offer maximum space and comfort for long-range flights this true VVIP Gulfstream G650 features just 14 seats. Opposite the forward full service galley with quartz polymer countertops, Iacobucci beverage system, microwave oven, convection oven with overboard vent refrigerator with removable shelves and freezer compartment, is a fully enclosed Part 135 certified crew rest compartment.
The forward and mid-cabin areas feature a double club four arrangement offering individual seating and tables for eight (8) passengers thus avoiding the shoulder-to-shoulder seating discomfort traditionally associated with conference grouping arrangements typically found on long range jets.
All eight (8) individual club seats are of the new style design scheduled for entry at msn 6084+) which feature the reconfigured leg rests (as per Service Bulletin). This spacious and versatile layout is perfect for both corporate and charter missions. The aft cabin offers a true VIP stateroom with dual three (3) place divans which can be berthed to make a king size double bed, perfect to watch the 26” monitor with surround sound and enhanced noise soundproofing which results in a super low average cabin noise reading of 43.9 DB Sil, making this aircraft the quietest G650 in the entire fleet, if not quietest aircraft in the world. The aircraft has a multitude of entertainment and connectivity features such as Honeywell SwiftBroadband Data System, Satcom, two (2) 26” HD LCD monitors and eight (8) 12.1” HD LCD in-arm monitors.
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