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Boeing C-97 Stratofreighter (N57KC) - Boeing C-97G at the Minnesota  Air Guard Museum MSP Airport
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Boeing C-97 Stratofreighter (N57KC)


Boeing C-97G at the Minnesota Air Guard Museum MSP Airport


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Mark Thomas
Those cars are gorgeous too!! Paul, just double check the reg...
Said aircraft registration aside, that Buick Invicta drop top is a 1960 model. The nice first generation Buick Rivera next to it regrettably should have kept its original wheels installed.
My Dad owned a 1962 Ford Falcon with similar shape tailights to that 1960 Buick. Both Buicks give great scale to the impressive C97, complete with starboard side cargo door. I would guess her props are close to being eighteen feet diameter...
John Rumble
When I moved to Miami in 1979 there were still 2 of these flying out of the cargo area(Corrosion Corner) It was the last hurrah of the old pistons with DC4-6's and 7's along with a few Connies and Curtis Commandos. As you drove the service road bits of planes and Radial engines all over the place. I even went to an auction of a DC-6 just to crawl around the old bird. Good memories
john cook
That Rivera is a real looker.
I agree with cliff better with stock chrome rims.
Nice backdrop too.
Not a big deal, looks like the reg is N97KC, and not N57KC.
Paul Hurford
Cliff731 said: "The nice first generation Buick Rivera next to it regrettably should have kept its original wheels installed."

I say - Did you ever try to R&R a tire on an original Rivera Wheel? If you did, you would understood why the owner changed the rims. It generally took 3x times as long to replace a tire on a Rivera Wheel.
Paul Hurford - I understand what you're saying about the difficulty of changing tires on some original Riviera wheels... but those large aftermarket wheels chosen simply look awful on such a classic design as this first "gen" Riviera.

Myself, were it mine, I would have selected a replacement wheel diameter closer to the original factory wheels... if I replaced them at all... and if doing so, earnestly tried to go for a more "period" correct "look". Perhaps something from American Racing's aftermarket vintage wheel catalog.

I should add too that my earlier posting spelled the name of this Buick as "Rivera"... which is entirely incorrect, of course. It's "Riviera"!!!


Hugh Somsen
Flew on one from Van Nuys ANG base to McClellan AFB, to somewhere in Utah (McClellan had blown our Avionics), to Tinker, then to Andrews. On landing at Andrews blew 4 old rotted tires. So Georgia ANG flew a new crew up (with new tires)and we reversed course. That's a long time in web seats. Shakey was Noisy! But a roomy aircraft.
Paul GlaeserPhoto Uploader
My Reg # typo is a combo of thick thumbs and bifocals thank!
Paul GlaeserPhoto Uploader
Thanks for Reg# correction
i've been there. wish they would restore it.
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