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Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress


Got the Boeing part right


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This Boeing B-52H is USAF s/n 61-0019, c/n 464446, according to Mr. Joe Baugher's published information. He further adds, "...named "Rolling Thunder III" with 96th BS in 2012. With 20th BS, 2nd BW at Barksdale (AFB)".

There are five (5) other photos of this B-52 on FA as indexed by the USAF s/n of 61-0019 being used as the "tail number (registration)" - and all uploaded by FA member "ppick"...


Here's one of those photos showing details of its markings and nose art...

The rock group the Taliban hates the most.... The B52s! XD
Frank GollnerPhoto Uploader
Thanks Cliff for info. Sweet HowSwedeitis, they certainly, rock their lobsters!


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