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Boeing 747-400 (9V-SFQ)


Lifting Off from Rwy 34L


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Dick Nieuwendyk
Great shot !
C.W. Reed
Another reason to go to Australia! perfect shot, Mike! Cheers!!

Don't think I'm up for a 25-hour flight.
I got me a TM this afternoon. N452TM! It will be posted for viewing tomorrow.
However, if someone sends me a ticket on Qantas to Sydney I'll be at JFK soooooo fast.


C.W. Reed
I think it'll be worth it! I also have New Zealand on my radar. ORD-AKL NON-STOP! Yeeeee-Haaaa!! Will be looking for 452TM. It'll be few days before I can respond though. Cheers!!
mike prendergastPhoto Uploader
Thanks Hundo and Dick!
Geoffrey PEARSON
I have visited that observation spot many times, might have seen you there Mike.
You can tell me all you like about wing shape and lift but I reckon this shot explains how it really works: those 4 big fans gulp in all that air and compress it between those huge wings and the ground so there is nowhere for the aeroplane to go but up.
Alan Hume
Lifting off? I don't think so! There is no way a B747-400F (it's a freighter) would get off the ground that soon along 34L at YSSY. It's landing.
Viv Pike
Alan - what about "those flaps, and the angle of attack" ?
Geoffrey PEARSON
I'm with you, Viv.
If that bird was landing, she'd be dragging a lot more flap than that.
Beneath the nose on the sea wall is the end of the perimeter fence: that is just into the bay from the foreshore. 34L is 13,000ft long. Nearly half of 34L is on a reclamation into the bay. The distance from the South end of 34L to there is at least 6,000ft. The Activity Log (at the moment) shows two Sydney departures, both to Auckland: a step across the Tasman, so she is likely not going to be carrying a lot of fuel. Good work for Singapore Airlines if they can get a full load of cargo on every lift.
I have seen 747s on short hauls lift off from 34L at this point.
I would never flare a 747 to that pitch on landing: if that bird came down at that angle, by the time the main gear compressed, you would have a tail strike.
And at that altitude, the engines (if landing) would have been retarded and just about run down but if you look at full resolution, the engines are making some serious jet wash: take-off thrust.
mike prendergastPhoto Uploader
Thanks Geoffrey,Alan and Viv.The 747Fs often take off 'light' as this one must have been!
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Data Aeromobile Origine Destinazione Partenza Arrivo Durata
25/ott/2020 B744Auckland ()Melbourne () 08:00 NZDT 09:20 AEDT Schedulato
24/ott/2020 B744Melbourne ()Auckland () 23:49 AEDT 04:53 NZDT (+1) 3:03
24/ott/2020 B744Singapore-Changi ()Melbourne () 11:17 +08 20:56 AEDT 6:38
24/ott/2020 B744internazionale di Hong Kong ()Singapore-Changi () 04:24 HKT 07:30 +08 3:05
23/ott/2020 B744Singapore-Changi ()internazionale di Hong Kong () 21:54 +08 01:12 HKT (+1) 3:17
23/ott/2020 B744Sharjah Int'l ()Singapore-Changi () 08:07 +04 19:08 +08 7:01
22/ott/2020 B744Bruxelles-Zaventem ()Sharjah Int'l () 21:31 CEST 06:22 +04 (+1) 6:50
21/ott/2020 B744Int'l di Los Angeles ()Bruxelles-Zaventem () 22:57 PDT 17:20 CEST (+1) 9:22
21/ott/2020 B744Int'l di Anchorage ()Int'l di Los Angeles () 11:52 AKDT 16:57 PDT 4:04
21/ott/2020 B744internazionale di Hong Kong ()Int'l di Anchorage () 16:37 HKT 09:51 AKDT 9:14
21/ott/2020 B744Singapore-Changi ()internazionale di Hong Kong () 11:14 +08 14:25 HKT 3:10
21/ott/2020 B744Shanghai-Pudong ()Singapore-Changi () 04:05 CST 08:38 +08 4:33
20/ott/2020 B744Singapore-Changi ()Shanghai-Pudong () 19:07 +08 23:38 CST 4:30
20/ott/2020 B744Guangzhou-Baiyun ()Singapore-Changi () 06:24 CST 09:36 +08 3:12
19/ott/2020 B744Singapore-Changi ()Guangzhou-Baiyun () 23:54 +08 03:25 CST (+1) 3:30
19/ott/2020 B744Sharjah Int'l ()Singapore-Changi () 09:55 +04 20:58 +08 7:02
18/ott/2020 B744Amsterdam-Schiphol ()Sharjah Int'l () 22:49 CEST 07:50 +04 (+1) 7:00
18/ott/2020 B744Int'l di Chennai ()Amsterdam-Schiphol () 13:07 IST 19:34 CEST 9:57
18/ott/2020 B744Singapore-Changi ()Int'l di Chennai () 09:57 +08 10:48 IST 3:20
17/ott/2020 B744Int'l Kingsford Smith ()Singapore-Changi () 15:55 AEDT 20:35 +08 7:40
17/ott/2020 B744Singapore-Changi ()Int'l Kingsford Smith () 04:03 +08 13:42 AEDT 6:39
16/ott/2020 B744Sharjah Int'l ()Singapore-Changi () 08:32 +04 19:29 +08 6:57
15/ott/2020 B744Bruxelles-Zaventem ()Sharjah Int'l () 21:44 CEST 06:40 +04 (+1) 6:55
14/ott/2020 B744Int'l di Los Angeles ()Bruxelles-Zaventem () 23:11 PDT 18:11 CEST (+1) 9:59
14/ott/2020 B744Int'l di Anchorage ()Int'l di Los Angeles () 11:48 AKDT 17:07 PDT 4:19
14/ott/2020 B744internazionale di Hong Kong ()Int'l di Anchorage () 16:22 HKT 09:25 AKDT 9:03
14/ott/2020 B744Singapore-Changi ()internazionale di Hong Kong () 10:46 +08 13:59 HKT 3:13
11/ott/2020 B744Auckland ()Singapore-Changi () 19:13 NZDT 00:27 +08 (+1) 10:13
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