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Not a total aviation pic but this gives an idea of the Air Wing aboard USS Wasp


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Gary Schenauer
Are you kidding, Mike? This is an ultra-astounding aviation pic!! A naval aviation photo that is at the very top of the category! Fantastic!! It is a 25-star shot and that doesn't even take into account that there is a rainbow in the pic too. I am acquainted with several very fine photogs and all of them would be thrilled to be able to click an aviation pic like this. I da-n sure know I would be. Thirty stars and my very, very appreciative Thanks to you for sharing this awesome capture. One quick question .... What was the general location? (A tip of my USSPS aviation photog's cap and a bow to you)
Gary Schenauer
I just found your previous 5* post, Mike, so now I know this was near Sydney Harbor. Thanx for sharing both of these pics. (Wave)
Just for orientation, this shot is taken looking south. And less than another mile on her present course the Wasp would have entered SYD Harbour. Very high sandstone cliffs on both sides...this was R and R for the crew before beginning exercise Talisman Sabre off the Queensland Coast next week I believe...
C.W. Reed
Thanks for the info Chris! Really want to visit Australia some time soon! Thanks for posting the great photo, mike! Cheers!!
mike prendergastPhoto Uploader
Many thanks for the kind comments Gary Chris and Hundo!
Took the pic from North Head as Chris mentioned.Hundo,YSSY has some great spotting locations and Williamstown RAAF base is about 2hrs drive north so Come on Down!
C.W. Reed
Very welcome, Mike! An excellent shot. You have caught a "moment in time & space" that will never be exactly as pictured again. Well done! Sounds just great! When our Indiana winter rolls around, would love to escape the snow and head down your way! Cheers!
mike prendergastPhoto Uploader
Please do Hundo and bring Gary with you!
C.W. Reed
Will certainly plan for that! Keep up those great shots, You have a lot of talent!
mike prendergastPhoto Uploader
Thanks Mate!!
Cheers Mike, Hundo and Gary from SYD! 34S/151E.
Great shot Mike! Extremely clear and crisp on the full size! Did you happen to catch the 3 Chinese warships that came "un-announced" about 3 weeks before this? That was odd given the fact the pics I saw showed the crew on deck with rifles.
mike prendergastPhoto Uploader
Thanks rwb!unfortunately was out of town when the Chinamen came in.
Wasp ESG, Expeditionary Strike Group. Marine strike aircraft, F-35B, V-22, H-53.
Awesome shot 👍
That is Marine Corps aviation. ;) (I know that the Marines are part of the Navy Department and that USMC aviation falls under Naval Aviation, but... I wish the Phrogs were still part of the fleet. I sure do miss flying in them).
David Seider
2^10 stars, Mike! And I echo the compliments of the others here!

- US Naval Aviation veteran (most of a lifetime ago!)
marylou anderson
love the misty rain and rainbow behind Wasp
Thanks for sharing.
New page, BoatAware.com
mike prendergastPhoto Uploader
Thanks markbjorndal,jthyland,White Knight77,David Seider and MaryLou!

Happy that you enjoy the pic :)
mike prendergastPhoto Uploader
fhlogbert,its a floating aerodrome.i hope those who have served on these types of 'Boats' appreciate sites like FlightAware!
C.W. Reed
I agree Mike! Still a great aviation related shot! Cheers!
Terry Wright
Great, nice to see something a bit different thats still on theme.
mike prendergastPhoto Uploader
Thanks Hundo and Terry!
C.W. Reed
Very welcome, mike!
mike prendergastPhoto Uploader
I should add workshops,spare parts and aviation gas are all Aboard the boat-not to mentioned skilled maintenance personnel.
ken kemper
Superb Photo Mike.......

Glad I viewed your pics to see this beauty....
mike prendergastPhoto Uploader
Cheers Ken!
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