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Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress



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Todd Skoro
"Sentimental Journey" from the Arizona Wing of the Commemorative Air Force in Mesa, Arizona (KFFZ - Falcon Field).
I am only familiar with "Aluminum Overcast" and "Thunder Bird".
James Kellogg
Is anyone else besides me familiar with Nine O Nine? She's currently painted in the colors of the Eighth Air Force and is flown by the Collings Foundation.
Hi, James. "Nine-Oh-Nine" is a B-17 Flying Fortress. It almost always travels with three other warbirds: "Witchcraft" (a B-24), "Tondelayo," and "Betty Jane" (a P-51). They have come to my area and appeared at KMEV (Minden), KRTS (Reno Stead Airport), and McClellan in Sacramento every year for the past three years and I've gone to see and photo them each year. They are coming again this year and I'll meet them again, Plus, this year, "LiLi" (B-29) is also coming to Sacramento and rumor says that "Aluminum Overcast" will return again to Carson City this summer too.
So, James, is there anything you need about Nine-Oh-Nine? Pics? I've got lots .... inside, outside, top, and even underneath it. If it is pics you want, let me know. My pics are always freely given to a fellow aviation fan IF that person is a real deal, true blue aviation and aviation photo junkie like me. (Grin and a Thumbs Up)
She was at Flying Cloud in Minnesota this past wee.
Greg Byington
The Collings Foundation birds (including Nine-O-Nine) usually come through AZ in April. I saw them again this year up in Marana (KAVQ). I got to fly in Nine-O-Nine a few years ago, and this year I went up in Witchcraft (B-24J). I have some shots of them, and Sentimental Journey, in my gallery on FA if you're interested. Although, they probably aren't as good as Gary's pics. ;-)


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