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Paul Wisgerhof
This is a photo of a North American F-100F Super Saber. Most were used in Vietnam and Laos as forward observers and anti-missile platforms.
This F-100 Super Sabre is owned and flown by Dean Cutshall.

Terry Wright
My favourite alltime jet fighter.....
Dan Brink
1st of the Century series Fighter Aircraft. Wonderful bird.
serge LOTH
I always loved that plane, we had a Sqdrn in Bremgarten..then Colmar and Toul Rosiéres..
Irwin Zane
I believe the F-100 was the first to have three independent hydraulic systems.
Neil Klapthor
Wow, the ol' THUD...nice!
Great shot; a worthy successor to the P-51 & F-86. North American built some beautiful aircraft! (The 'Thud' was the Republic F-105.)
A Fuller
The F model had 2 seats. I crewed one in N Mexico in 1967-68. I was allowed to run and high speed taxi to test nose wheel steering. Flew in 2nd seat as ride along for a retirement parade for a General officer in August. It was cooler in the air than on the ground. The F-100 had problems with compressor stalls at high altitude. Sometimes these caused flameouts. High speed dive needed to restart. Glide path was poor when unpowered. Pilots called it the Lead Sled and it fell 9 feet for every foot forward with out power. Landing speed was high and brakes were poor. Drag chute needed to slow aircraft after landing. Yes, I saw them in use in Viet Nam. Mostly by National Guard pilots. I worked on F4 Phantoms there, mostly D and E models used by USAF. F-100 still looks beautiful to me!
Jack Lahrman
Nice photo Dean
Almost looks like Dean borrowed your camera Jack :)


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