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Ford Tri-Motor (N9645)


A modern-day "throwback" picture taken at Reno Stead Airport last week features an early 1940s model Clarkat tug parked in front of the Liberty Aviation Museum's 1928 Ford Trimotor 5-AT-B (N9645) and the Commemorative Air Force's Naval Air Factory N3N-3 (N4009A) on the RTS ramp.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
A little over an hour after I clicked this shot, both of these fantastic old classics were started up, and the sound of four R-985 series Pratt & Whitneys was the perfect "music" to complete this journey back in time!
Doggone, Gary... how lucky could ya get here!!! And a "5" star photo to boot!!!
Greg Byington
Very nice, Gary!
Roy Hunte
Awesome shot!
Alan Brown
Great shot! Must have been fun to be there and get this shot along with the start up.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Cliff, Greg, Roy ... Hey, guys, TYVM. I'll be emailing some snaps taken on board during the Media Flight. Sending first one in five minutes or so.
Alan ... Hi and thank you very much for the comment / compli. My email addy is OldeCarl@gmail.com and if you are interested in receiving the pics I'm sending out to Cliff and Greg and Roy, just contact me at that addy and I'll include you. (Wave)
Uwe ... Sending inflight photos to you, too, via email.
Roy Hunte
Got your email.
Nice photo combination of rare antiques. I was out the next day but a cowling bracket fractured grounding the Tri-Motor and eliminating my ride opportunity.
Dave Sheehy
Thanks Gary for sharing the in-flight pics and for posting this great shot! 5*
serge LOTH
Gary... I m glad to see there are other "melomanes" in this world...lol.. I bought "round sounds" once in Ohskosh in 1995...terrific music..!
Robert Black
Too bad the Tri-motor broke. Back in the early 1970's, I took a ride in a tri-motor flown by Island Airlines out over the islands in Lake Erie. That was an amazing ride, as the airplane was nearly as old as my mother (I was in High School then, and my mother had been born in 1921. It was a great experience.
Ryan Hodges
who on earth rates this less than 5 stars!
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