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Lockheed F-16 Fighting Falcon


United States Air Force Major Michelle Curran, who flies as the Opposing Solo in Thunderbird #6, holds her F-16 Fighting Falcon nose high after touching down on Runway 34L.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
What a thrill it was to be standing next to the west edge of 34L as the entire team of Thunderbirds landed. Six steps closer and I'd have been standing ON the pavement bordering the concrete that is the surface of the runway. Can't get any closer than that to an active runway that has six jets landing on it .... unless getting arrested by the police or getting splattered by a speeding jet is the goal. lol
Kick-Ass shot!!! That's awesome you have that access to get that close! What's your fav lens for this up close fast action, I have some fast primes but I wouldn't know where to begin for this type of opportunity :)
Gavin Hughes
Super shooting Gary and lucky being in just the right spot.
Greg Byington
That's a very nice catch, Gary!
James Ulrich
I guess we all do it, but it is evident that she is leaning forward to compensate for the attitude of the aircraft be it V1 or flair. Great Shot Gary.
Compliments to the photographer!! This is a TERRIFIC(!!) shot of a beautiful aircraft.
Excellent shot.
Beautiful capture! It's obvious that General Dynamics probably used a landing picture like this to calculate the 'rake' of the ventral fins!


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