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Lockheed F-16 Fighting Falcon


My second post for today is another snap of Thunderbird #6, but this shot was taken one day later at Minden Tahoe Airport as the team practiced for their performance at the Minden Tahoe Airport Aviation Roundup Event. The raging wildfires in California had created very smokey and hazy sky conditions for the team to cope with on this day (and all the smoke didn't make for super great photographing conditions either), but capturing this Viper as it flashed past the US flag waving from the top of the announcer's stand was a great picture despite the hazy sky.
I'll put one more "Thunderbird-related" snapshot into the gallery now (a shot of the team's support C17A "Spirit Of Golden Bear"), and then I'll call it quits for today. :-)


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Mark See
Awesome shot and great timing Gary. This one and your first post are both 5* shots (haven't seen the third one yet but I'm sure it will be too). Hope your trip was a lot of fun :)
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Hi, Mark, and Thanx for the comment. It was a fantabulous week; not only was I right out on the ramp (courtesy of KRNO's Ops and PA departments) with the media for the T-Birds arrival at RNO, but (courtesy of Younkin Airshows and the KMEV airport folks) I had a media photog pass at the KMEV event so I clicked several hundred closeup snaps there too. And I got back here just in time: I'm doing 10 hours of media/PA photo clicking tomorrow in the RNO terminal and on the grounds. The only big "downer' was that my Canon T3i is wearing out. During the trip, I began getting some odd messages on the screen and a few shots failed to record to the card, so I took it in to the camera shop Saturday after we got back and I got the bad news: it has taken over 504,000 pics and the sensor is beginning to fail. It isn't worth the cost of repairing it, and since the Reno Air Races are just two weeks away, I can no longer keep doing research on which new camera to buy: I must make my decision. I'll be sad to toss this T3i, but I am thinking that since I was able to take over 500,000 photos with it I must have gotten my money's worth from it.
I'll be busy tomorrow but on Wednesday I'll jump back here to FA and check out your latest posts. I am way behind. I haven't seen anyone's newest posts in almost two weeks, so I need to barricade myself in my office, sit back with a six-pack, and get to checking out the FA gallery.
Keep 'em level, Mark. :-)
Very nice shot!! Couldnt be any better with that flag flying
Dwight Hartje
Outstanding Daily Newsletter shot! I am wondering if I could have use of some of your photos?
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Hi, Karter, and Thank You for the comment. Very much appreciated. :-)
Dwight, by all means, feel free to use this (or any) of my pics. You can either d-load them from here or I can email unmarked ones direct to you (if you provide an email addy). And I want you to know that I very much appreciate you asking. There are those who don't perform that courtesy. Thank you for NOT being one of those people, Dwight. (A tip of my hat to you, my friend.) :-)
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Dwight, check your emailbox. An unmarked copy should be there.
I sent it in large file size. If it is larger than you wanted, just let me know. I'll reduce it and resend.
Any more you want, let me know. I share any a/c photos of mine all the time to those who request 'em.
Dave Sheehy
How anyone can score this less than 5* is beyond me-great picture...
Salah Huwais


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