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Lockheed C-130 Hercules (N130FF)


This is the "grounds-eye view" of an air tanker just before the drop begins. (Grin) Well, OK, there wasn't an actual drop of fire retardant taking place, but the view here is the same as if a drop WAS (* "WAS" is incorrect ... see Lucius Gravely comment below) WERE just about to occur.
Tanker 31 (N130FF), a Lockheed EC-130Q (Coulson Next Generation Air Tanker #131), comes low overhead during an FAA certification flight at Reno Stead Airport.
My sincere Thanks to Capt. Tim for the invitation to observe and photograph the day's activities.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
There were two Coulson Tankers at RTS: this one and N405LC (Tanker 132). Thanks to Captain Tim, I obtained a few hundred superb captures of both aircraft and also the Coulson corporate aircraft. TYVM, Capt. Tim. :-)
Mark See >> Check your email. I sent a pic as promised. (Thumbs Up)
Mark See
Great shot on this one Gary! And I did get the one you sent to my email which also looks great (it became my new screen saver). I am about to head out to fly a Mooney out of KCNO for a few hours, I was hoping to have a reply to your email before I left, but I ran out of time... it will be the first thing I do when I get back and you will have my reply by mid afternoon today :)
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Cool. Be sure to get some snaps of the Mooney. Keep 'em level, Mark. (Wave)
Greg Byington
Very nice, Gary!
beautiful belly shot - super
Gary, great shot. Between your photo skills and your connections you do amazing work. Did you get a pic of Coulson's corporate bird?
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Greg, Mathias, and Sam ... Howdy to all of you. :-) Many Thanks for the comments / compliments, guys.
Sam ... I definitely caught shots of the Coulson Group business bird. It's a Canadair Challenger. Came here from British Columbia (CYCD).
I've been busy working with a B&W pic of an old Piedmont Airlines DC-3 that Dave Sheehy sent to me. He sent some excellent Piedmont memorabilia and I'm doing a blog post featuring everything he sent. The DC-3 shot is superb and it scanned extremely well. I've tracked its life story and amazingly it still exists. It is in England now. I'll email you a link when Dave and I post the article. Meantime, watch your email. I will be sending a pic of the other Coulson Tanker. It's a stretched C-130. Also, I still will be sending you a pic of that Super Hornet with the refueling probe extended (the one that I requested FA to delete from the gallery ... thankfully, they did). I haven't forgotten. Just need to edit it to correct the color / tint. And do you perhaps have a full length shot of that Connie in Nam that you posted last week? I've been trying to ID it, but I can't find any numbers on the pic you posted. Thanks, Sam.
Gary, unfortunately I don't have any other pics of the Connie, I really didn't know what I was doing then. I will look for the email, but no hurry. I have an old AF buddy who retired as a pilot from Piedmont/US Air in 2007 and he is a history buff and I will talk to him about some old photos he may have. He has been working on a Piedmont DC-3 restoration project at the NC Transportation Museum and you can learn a little about that at http://www.nctrans.org/About-Us/History/Piedmont-Airlines.aspx
Always use the subjunctive when expressing an opinion contrary to actual fact.
"as if a drop WERE about to occur" "Was" is an expression of time, as in "I was home when he called".
Otherwise, great shot! I had a friend who worked with the forest service and actually called in drops directly overhead! He was covered with the orange goop.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Sam, I found the info about that Constellation in your photo. Check under your picture.
Lucius ... Corrected. Thank you for the correction and the compli. (I'm wondering ... did your friend ever get someone to take a pic? I suppose it was quite a sight to see. ;-)
Gary - You are part photographer, part aviation buff, part detective, and part who knows what else. Thanks for sharing that with me.
Doug Cook
If you insist, Lucius. See those sticky out things on that one bird?
Doug Zalud
Great angle with beautiful lighting.
I see Lucius, so if there WERE someone else with me: "We WAS home when he called".
Tom Vance
For those who don't know, click 'full" on Gman's photos - makes one feel like they were there with Gman...too bad no audio on this one! 5 Aliens on this one!
Dave Sheehy
Love this angle-5* capture Gary!
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Data Aeromobile Origine Destinazione Partenza Arrivo Durata
19/nov/2020 UnknownSan Bernardino Intl ()Spokane Intl () 18:22 PST 21:28 PST 3:06
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