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CHAMPION Sky-Trac (N16RG) - The newest aircraft in the Great Basin Aviation "learn to fly" fleet is this stunningly gorgeous Champion Citabria ("Airbatic" spelled backwards) seen here climbing after taking off from 16L yesterday.br /br /* This is the first picture of N16RG to be placed into FA's aircraft photo gallery. *
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The newest aircraft in the Great Basin Aviation "learn to fly" fleet is this stunningly gorgeous Champion Citabria ("Airbatic" spelled backwards) seen here climbing after taking off from 16L yesterday.

* This is the first picture of N16RG to be placed into FA's aircraft photo gallery. *


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Great Basin Aviation's owner Denny Prins told me that adding this tail dragger to his aircraft fleet will enable his instructors to greatly expand the piloting skills of the student pilots they teach. Taxiing, taking off and landing a tricycle gear aircraft that has no nose gear but instead has a single rear wheel are skills that require practice and this Citabria is the perfect "classroom" in which to learn those skills.
Thats a great shot Gary! 5*X5*
And another very nice photo from Gary. You always fill the viewfinder with the subject, and or have a beautiful background.

But you know me Gary, I'm a stickler for details, especially with small fun planes.
Your comments about it being a tricycle gear plane with no nose gear, but a single wheel in the rear. The term "tricycle gear" always refers to planes with a nosewheel, taildraggers are never referred to as tricycle gear without a nose wheel.
Yes, they all have three wheels, but a tricycle gear and a taildragger are different in wheel configuration and terminology. I know you know the difference, it's just a slight adjustment in your terminology.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Hi, Dave. TYVM for the compli. And BTW ... I'm "in search' of another private w/site on which I can share pics. Emphasis on the word "private" as in only open to "member viewing." The administrators of the one I was in have encountered pandemic-related issues that are forcing them to focus their time and effort(s) elsewhere. Any suggestions? If so, pls e/m. (Wave)
Howdy, Jim. Ouch! What you see here is an example of a non-knowledgeable aviation enthusiast using a term he did not fully understand. And it isn't Mr. Prins I am referring to - at no point did he use the term "tricycle gear" when he was pointing out his new Citabria. He did say the phrase "tricycle gear" once as he was describing to me how this new aircraft differed from the fleet of Cessnas he operates when he was explaining how his instructors would now be able to teach their students the differences between the two wheel configurations. It was me who, in my comment above, included the term incorrectly. And even without any actual training as an aviator, I should have easily understood the difference -- a child's tricycle has the single wheel up front (ie: nose wheel). The only (very) general understanding I ever had about the two different gear arrangements was that they result in different centers of gravity on the aircraft as a whole which in turn means the pilot must do things differently when landing, taking off, and taxiing (meaning when the aircraft is in contact with the ground). I apologize for my misuse of the term, and I am very grateful to you for correcting me and making me a bit more "aviation knowledgeable." (Wave and a handshake)
No problem Gary, I knew you knew the difference, just a slight misuse of the term by a non-pilot.
Gavin Hughes
Great shot of really nice looking aircraft.
Taildragger is slang for a conventional gear aircraft, Sir. Just a slight adjustment. ;)
Dwight Hartje
Beautiful catch, Gary! Man, this would be a fun aircraft to learn to fly in! I need to come on over to Reno.
ken kemper

Very Cool Pic.........Well done
Irwin Zane
Landing an aircraft with a tail wheel (tail dragger) is an art that comes with good training. After all, when you consider the dynamics of a three-point landing it is actually a controlled crash.
Mark Ryalls
I did love flying these.
Don Fitzgerald
Beautiful shot Gary. Having taken instruction, soloed, taken my private ride, and spent over half my flight time in taildraggers I can attest to Mr. Prins views. What it teaches in speed and attitude control on landing is invaluable. Thanks for posting
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Data Aeromobile Origine Destinazione Partenza Arrivo Durata
19/ott/2021 UnknownInt'l di Reno-Tahoe ()Int'l di Reno-Tahoe () 13:12 PDT 14:10 PDT (?) 0:58
16/ott/2021 CH7BVicino Silver Springs, NVInt'l di Reno-Tahoe () First seen 11:30 PDT Last seen 11:38 PDT 0:07
16/ott/2021 CH7BInt'l di Reno-Tahoe ()Vicino Silver Springs, NV 10:07 PDT Last seen 10:20 PDT 0:13
15/ott/2021 CH7BInt'l di Reno-Tahoe ()Vicino Reno, NV 11:48 PDT Last seen 13:19 PDT 1:30
13/ott/2021 CH7BInt'l di Reno-Tahoe ()Int'l di Reno-Tahoe () 11:07 PDT 12:23 PDT (?) 1:15
13/ott/2021 CH7BInt'l di Reno-Tahoe ()Int'l di Reno-Tahoe () 07:55 PDT 08:44 PDT (?) 0:48
12/ott/2021 CH7BInt'l di Reno-Tahoe ()Int'l di Reno-Tahoe () 10:46 PDT 11:51 PDT (?) 1:05
09/ott/2021 CH7BInt'l di Reno-Tahoe ()Int'l di Reno-Tahoe () 09:37 PDT 12:05 PDT (?) 2:27
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