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Airbus A320 (N359NW)


Taxiing away from the terminal on Juliet for an early morning departure on Runway 23.


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Viv Pike
Hi Gary. This is a stunning pic. I don't know what it is about the composure, but it just "grabs" me. A couple of times now, I have been scrolling through all the pics, and each time I got to this one, I seem to sort of involuntarily just stop and stare at it. Thanks for posting. "wave" - Viv
Tom Vance
where was Gman when he took this 5'er?
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
At the Mercy Flight spotting location, T. Last time I was there, there were 14 spotting positions. I'm going back in a few days so I'll check to see how many of those are still OK to use (there is upgrade construction going on at KBUF right now so a couple of those positions may not be useable now). The Mercy Flight location is the premier location at KBUF; back in my adolescent years it was not the Mercy Flight building; it was the Flying Tigers restaurant. When I was a teen, the two best locations were Flying Tigers and also the intersection of Genessee and Cayuga Streets. Nowadays, the Cayuga / Genny intersection is still a great spot but since a car can no longer be parked there, no one goes there because it means they have to walk there (walk? oh NO!) and then stand there (what? Out in the open? Oh, NO!). (lol) The Mercy Flight spot is the only spot most photogs there use because it is easy to get to without any effort, they can be by their cars, and because it IS a truly great spot. The other 13 positions are almost ignored by spotters there.
sam kuminecz
Gary let me know when your back here. Possibly get you a lil better vantage if my buddy workin the tower. The catwalk is the best spot.
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Data Aeromobile Origine Destinazione Partenza Arrivo Durata
04/lug/2020 A320Int'l di Minneapolis-Saint Paul ()Int'l Boston-Logan () 20:00 CDT 23:14 EDT Schedulato
04/lug/2020 A320Int'l di Salt Lake City ()Int'l di Minneapolis-Saint Paul () 08:30 MDT 11:33 CDT Schedulato
03/lug/2020 A320Int'l di Minneapolis-Saint Paul ()Int'l di Salt Lake City () 18:16 CDT 19:40 MDT Schedulato
03/lug/2020 A320Fiorello LaGuardia ()Int'l di Minneapolis-Saint Paul () 15:10 EDT 16:41 CDT Schedulato
03/lug/2020 A320Int'l di Detroit ()Fiorello LaGuardia () 12:20 EDT 13:34 EDT Schedulato
03/lug/2020 A320internazionale John F. Kennedy ()Int'l di Detroit () 09:20 EDT 10:44 EDT 1:23
02/lug/2020 A320Int'l di Detroit ()internazionale John F. Kennedy () 21:01 EDT 22:15 EDT 1:14
02/lug/2020 A320Int'l di Tampa ()Int'l di Detroit () 16:51 EDT 19:06 EDT 2:14
02/lug/2020 A320Int'l di Detroit ()Int'l di Tampa () 13:06 EDT 15:10 EDT 2:03
02/lug/2020 A320Portland Intl Jetport ()Int'l di Detroit () 07:23 EDT 08:45 EDT 1:21
01/lug/2020 A320Int'l di Detroit ()Portland Intl Jetport () 18:09 EDT 19:41 EDT 1:32
01/lug/2020 A320internazionale di Charlotte ()Int'l di Detroit () 13:08 EDT 14:20 EDT 1:11
27/giu/2020 A320San Bernardino Intl ()internazionale di Charlotte () 09:41 PDT 17:05 EDT 4:24
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