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Boeing 757-200 (N439UP)


Early AM departure from runway 23. By no means is this the "#1" spotting position at this airport, but it does provide a refreshingly different view of aircraft departing on 23-5, especially when the sun is just coming up as it was here.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
** This position is not one where a spotter can just pull up in a car and sit in comfort while waiting to click aircraft. The capture angle for KBUF runway 23 arrivals and departures is fine, but 1) the "panning" time frame to get a good snap is ultra brief and 2) the location at the crest of the S. Youngs St overpass (over I-90) is a dangerous, dangerous position for pedestrians. This photo location is a "walk up the overpass into position - snap - then immediately leave the position and walk completely off the overpass" location, and it should ONLY be used in daytime hours on clear and dry wx days. During the hours of darkness, the entire area is pitch dark, the roadway shoulder on the overpass is less than three feet wide, and there is nowhere to go to avoid an oncoming car if it drifts on to the shoulder except over the railing and down on to Interstate 90 -- a bad idea. And if the Youngs St overpass is wet or snow-covered, this is NOT the location to be in ... it is a blindspot position for drivers coming up the overpass and even a slight skid by an oncoming car means you could well end up being a hood ornament. In other words, "the risk of going here to get a shot VERY often; in fact, I'd even say USUALLY, outweighs the reward." I'll be back in WNY in just a couple of months, but there are over a dozen excellent spotting locations at KBUF so I won't be snapping any more pics from here.
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