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McDonnell Douglas MD-90 (N909DA)


One of the last photos of Delta's N909DA (MD-90-30) while it was still in active revenue service (**), this very early AM "break of dawn" click captured it at Vr speed as it became airborne and began its first flight of a new business day.
I had expected this to pivot skyward much earlier so I had positioned about a third of the way down Runway 23, but the farther away down the runway this one went, the more difficult it was to maintain a steady panning motion with it and the more certain I was that by the time it finally did begin to rotate I'd end up with zilch. By the time I saw the nose gear come off the concrete it was quite far from me and awfully dark in my viewfinder. However, since I had gotten up in the darkness in order to be at the airport when the first hint of dawn appeared in the sky, I had already invested enough time that I was not going to give up and discontinue snapping the shutter. And I got lucky -- my panning was steady, my slower shutter still caught the Dog crisply, and I got what turned out to be my last-ever photo of a Delta Mad Dog in rotation toward the sky. If I had it to do all over again, I dang sure would!!
** Just over three months after this shot was snapped, N909DA was wfu and went into storage at MMQT.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
First placed in service in Oct, 1995, this Mad Dog served the same master, Delta, from the beginning to the end of its entire 24 year "lifetime." It was retired into storage at the end of last year (Dec, 2019).
Gavin Hughes
A remarkably good photo given the situation - well done sir and for hanging in there.
Excellent panning shot!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Gavin and Rich ... Thanx, guys. I was "in place" where I thought I needed to be but it has been many years since I spotted at KBUF so I was working from distant memories and I got it wrong. I had not positioned far enough along 23. And by the time I realized it was not going to rotate as it went by me, it was way too late to try out "new" camera settings. It was still way too dark and the Dog was blazing away from me. I did change the f-stop (that was the only adjustment I dared to make in the few seconds I had) and I tried to keep the panning steady. Guess I pulled it off OK.
ken kemper
Lover this photo Gary....................

And yes.....responding to your comment.....Doc was a real treat to see at Oshkosh...Beautiful plane.

I hope you get to see her soon after Covid-19
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