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British Aerospace BAC-111 One-Eleven


Another old print photo salvaged via cellphone and resurrected via PS. This Kodak 620 print was curled and rather faded. A small segment of the print was actually missing where it appeared to have been stuck on something and then it must have peeled off when the picture was unstuck. After employing FA member Alien's technique of using a cellphone to take a photo of this old photo, I mailed it to my computer and used PS to attempt a resurrection (and replace the missing section). Definitely not a HQ result, but the picture is now viewable.
This half-century old pic taken in 1967 shows an American Airlines BAC 111-400 "Astrojet" at Greater Buffalo International's Gate 6 (see ** below). AAL's 400 series 111s were powered by Rolls Royce Spey engines.
** NOTE: Long after this photo was taken, Greater Buffalo International Airport was renamed and is now known as Buffalo Niagara International (KBUF).


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
The small portion of the photo that had peeled away was replaced by using PS. I do not use PS very much except for minor alterations such as cropping, horizontal leveling, and size reduction, so I did not think I would really be able to replace the missing piece, but since it was so small I gave it a try. It took a bit of time and a lot of experimenting, but in the end I think it came out decent enough that I decided I would go ahead and post this 51 year old print. The picture was taken using a Kodak Bullseye camera with Kodak 620 film. Most of the young folks who view this shot will have no clue what a Kodak Bullseye camera is, but at the time (1967) it was a very popular film camera and other old timers will remember it. The digital cameras used today are far, far superior; but back when I was 17 I was glad to have the Bullseye.
Thanks Gary for another great photo, complete with the classic AA livery from 1967.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Chris ... Howdy; TY for the compli and YW for the pic. This particular livery scheme is my fave, but I admit I also really liked the red, white, blue and bare silver livery. I'm not a monster fan of the present garb, but I have come to be OK with it.
Dave Sheehy
Hi Gary! Excellent pic! The BAC was in its sunset when I started with the airlines in 1984. US Air had several of them parked at KORF every night. Very loud on the morning start, no mistaking that sound. Very cool to see one in AA livery. Thanks!
In 1978 Dresser Industries Air Transport Div (KDAL) operated a fleet of three ex AA 1-11's with Mk 511 power (loud & smoky). The constant speed drive starter combination (CSDS) made an unmistakable sound when starting. As I recall two aircraft had aft air stairs, one did not. The aircraft were all in executive configurations with lounge seating for 22 passengers. Hilton Hotels also operated a 1-11. N5033 & N5022 were two of the Dresser reg's.
Yes indeed, the One Eleven was popular as a corporate aircraft. Less range than a Grumman Gulfstream 2 and with a slightly slower cruising speed. But a much wider and roomier cabin. Both had twin RR Spey turbofans too...
Viv Pike
Yet again, great work, Gary. Seems that you are becoming quite Tech-savvy. I am still not too sure how to use this PS thing properly. Must be my age. BTW, I used to have an old Instamatic that used a four-sided flash-cube !! That was a few years back! I have come to learn that you have a not-so-much-more hidden affinity to old commercial airplanes. So I thought you might want to have a look at some of these old snaps in the link below. (Unfortunately, until FA fix the syntax in these comments, you will need to edit, and copy-paste the link to your browser. Keep up the good work, Gary. (wave).

Larry Toler
I remember flying on one from CLT to Newport News, VA to ETS from the Air Force at Langley AFB. I flew US Air from FRA to CLT, had a 5 hour lay over. Little did I know a few uears later I would be a flight attendant for Trans States mainly flying US Airways Express. The BAC's were long gone but I started on BAe Jetstream 41's.
Paul Wisgerhof
One interesting fact about airports is that, no matter how often their name changes, their ICAO designation never does. You may recall that today's Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam used to be called Saigon. The airport designator remains SGN and VTTS. So don't expect the Buffalo airport to ever be anything except BUF/KBUF.
Viv Pike
Sorry Paul Wisgerhof - You are not 100% correct in that. Johannesburg South Africa used to be called Jan Smuts International, and the ICAO code was FAJS. However, the airport name changed to OR Tambo International and the ICAO code is now FAOR.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Hi to everyone, and Thank You to each of you for the interesting facts and info. I enjoy learning additional info about aircraft, airports, and aviation, and also reading about the experiences other FA members have had. Thank you to all. Paul W .... Your info about airports is especially interesting to me because our newest Governor-elect, a Mr. Sisolak, has not even taken office yet but he has already come out with his very first official proposal item. Apparently, one of his top agenda items that he is focused on is (wait for it) changing the names of the Las Vegas and Reno Tahoe airports. He has already proposed that the Las Vegas airport, currently named McCarran, be renamed the Harry Reid airport, and the Reno Tahoe Airport be renamed after Laxalt. Apparently, this issue is tremendously important and needs immediate attention. It made me wonder two things: 1) would the designation of KLAS be changed to something like KHRD (Harry Reid) and 2) what other tremendously important items need our new governor's immediate attention (lol). I had not known the ICAO designation would always remain the same, so my Thanks for the info.
Jim Monaco
Very Cool. I did not realize that AA flew the BAC-111. I flew on them several times in Europe in the 1970's.
Dan Schachte
Flew many times in/out of PIT on this type. Always remembered how crowded the flight deck was with three seats!
In the F27, you actually stepped on the jump seat as you entered the cockpit. If you had a jump seat rider then you needed to pull the seat up out of the floor and lock it into position for them. But both the Captain and the F/O needed to be in their seats before that could happen!
Tom Vance
Another Gman jet archive photo and well done! Wow that is amazing editing. I hope you have more of these. I cannot tell where the editing was done and replacement of the section that had missing picture data. Great info on the BAC-111 - all I ever saw was Pacific Airlines at SJC and I have Black and white photos but this AA -111 is a cool piece of History. 5*****


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