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Gulfstream Aerospace Gulfstream IV


A late evening ice storm on Saturday night became a rare snowstorm throughout the early morning hours of Sunday. The snow stopped just after nautical dawn and the sun came out shortly afterwards. This Gulfstream was first in the queue on the Atlantic Aviation ramp. Meanwhile, over on the west side of the airport, another queue of aircraft, all pax birds, also waited to be deiced. Almost all the commercial aircraft that had RONed at RNO departed late, but one FDX cargo heavy got out on time. Kudos to the RTAA maintenance team; although two runways and almost all of the taxiways ended up being closed, the Conga Line just kept going and runway 34L-16R, taxiway Alpha, taxiway Charlie, and the terminal apron area all remained open. Everything else was a skating rink of solid ice covered by several inches of snow.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
By owner's request to FA, the reg number of this Gulfstream is not being posted.
C.W. Reed
Another great photo! Caught WN departing in the background too! I know type IV de-ice fluid runs about $35.00 a gallon! Yikes! Thanks so much for posting this Gary! Cheers!!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
HOW MUCH per gallon? Holy Smokes! They were dousing this Gulfstream for five minutes ... at LEAST. It had been coated with a layer of ice and then it had a couple inches of snow on top of the ice layer. They were blasting that stuff on like firemen put out warehouse fires. $35.00 a GALLON?? At $35./gallon, it was a small fortune to hose this one off. WoW! I think I'll start selling deicing fluid ... part time. Make a few extra bucks to use as mad money. lol
C.W. Reed
In my business, we do our UTMOST to get hangar space overnight. Hard to do at BOS & ORD. They don't have hangars AT ALL for GA aircraft. Many times, we get left out in the cold....then it's $35.00 a GALLON hoping we don't exceed holdover time till we can depart! Then, Type IV decreases lift on the airfoil which causes fuel stops...UGH!! This time of year is NOT my favorite! I'm in the wrong end of the business!! Cheers!!
Paul Wisgerhof
Yeah, well, if you can afford the Gulfstream in the first place I don't think the cost of de-icer is top of your "let's cut expenses" list.
Kobe Hunte
@ Paul Wisgerhof - ya but a hangar keeps out all the snow and at 35 bucks a gallon, that extra cost would be awesome to be left out of the picture..
pat prendergast
Sorry but I don't understand where this location is?
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Hi, Pat. No need to apologize. Reno is not as well known as Las Vegas. I think the best way for you to learn where Reno is located would be for you to enter "Reno, Nevada" into any search engine. It will pop right up with a map showing where the city is located. If you meant that you don't know where the airport is located, just enter Reno Tahoe International (or if you are using FlightAware's airport search box, enter KRNO) and the airport will come right up. You can go to Wikipedia if you are interested in the details of the city. Most folks tend to associate Reno with Lake Tahoe or with the Burning Man Festival. Aviation oriented folks tend to associate Reno with the annual National Championship Air Races (aka: the Reno Air Races) which are held at Reno Stead Airport (KRTS) a few miles north of downtown. KRNO, where this pic was taken, is considerably smaller (and far less busy) than Las Vegas (KLAS) which is a seven-hour drive (at the legal speed limit of 75-80 MPH) south of us. (Wave)
C.W. Reed
And yet, people with money STILL complain about paying for de-icing....HA! Cheers to Gary!
Alan Hume
The exorbitant cost will probably be "written off" as a legitimate business expense!
marylou anderson
It gets quite cold in Reno during the winter. Lots of snow in the mountains. The US Naval Air station in Fallon, NV is not far from Reno.
Reno is located (on a Map) in the N W corner where the shape of the state angles sharply toward Las Vegas.

Reno is North of Lake Tahoe--a skier's and winter sports enthusiast's playground
These RNO pics are always great. thanks
Tom Vance
5 ***** for "RONed at RNO" without a typo! great shot - even the de-icer guy looked...


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