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VICKERS Viscount (N7412)


An old Kodak film print I snapped in the mid 1960s shows a scene from the propliner and propjet era. A United (previously Capital Airlines) Viscount (N7412) is seen at Greater Buffalo International's (now Buffalo Niagara International - KBUF) Gate 1 as an American DC-6 taxies away in the background.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
There are just three aspects of this scene that are still the same today as they were back then -- the airport is still located in the Buffalo suburb of Cheektowaga now as it was here, and both United and American airlines are still flying today. Absolutely nothing else seen here still exists. The terminal seen here was demolished long ago and in its place now is a wonderfully modern terminal building. The airport's name, Greater Buffalo International, is now Buffalo Niagara International. The new airport has no observation decks like the one this picture was clicked from. There are no Viscounts in UAL's fleet and no DC-6s in American's fleet. And it is probably impossible to find any airport where a photo like this, with a Viscount and a DC-6 together, can be taken now.
C.W. Reed
I LOVE these vintage shots of yours! In those days, my Dad traveled for business a lot. He would purposely book United Viscount and Caravelle trips if at all possible. Worth 10 stars for sure! Cheers!!
C.W. Reed
Did some research. This airframe first flew in Feb. 1956. Sold to Capital then painted in UA livery 1961. Flew for UA until 1969. Went through subsequent owners then to Embry-Riddle in 1975. Ended up at KTUC around 1979 and cannibalized for parts until scrapped in 1993.
My first airplane ride was aboard a United Viscount out of Dayton, Ohio headed to Chicago. Flight was diverted to St. Louis when weather prohibited us landing in Chicago. Spent the night in St. Louis, on to Chicago in the morning. I can't remember the year - sometime in the early 1960's. I was probably still single digits age wise. Quite a thrill when that plane took off. Thanks for the memories!
Edward Hopgood
These aircraft entered service in New Zealand in 1958 the 807 model was very well placed for NZ and very nice to fly in
Michael Bishop
My first flight was in a Viscount (TCA, now Air Canada) from Thunder Bay (YQT) to Toronto (YYZ) around 1967--still love those turboprop whines!! IMHO one of the finest airliners ever!
John Rumble
Michael Bishop
My first flight was in an Air Canada (or It may have been TCA then) Viscount out of YYZ When it was Malton Airport. Late 50's Early 60's I don't know how they did it but it was a sightseeing flight! with our Cub Scout pack. Probably about a half hour total.Cockpit tours included. It is difficult to imagine in this day and age , but what an experience for a young boy
frank theriault
LOL! My first flight (early 60s) was in a TCA Viscount as well. YUL to YHZ. I also remember YUL (we just called it Dorval then, before it was Trudeau) having an observation deck. Flying was exciting back then, a big huge deal. Great photo, BTW!
Ned Griffin
Both the United Viscount and the American DC-6 used to fly into Rochester Airport while I was an undergraduate at the university there in the mid-60s. Eventually, United transitioned to the 727, but American hung on to the DC-6 awhile longer. I also recall flying into Buffalo from Boston on an American 707 in a serious snowstorm. Quite an eventful trip!
Alan Hume
Aaaah the Viscount! Did sterling service Downunder in Oz. As did the DC-4/6.
C.W. Reed
Hawaiian Airlines operated them through the 1970's also! Cheers!
Anabela Simões
Lindo d++++++++++++
I was three and a half years old on 18 February 1954 when I first flew from Lisbon to NY Idlewild, on a PanAm DC-6B with a stopover in the Azores. Pictures like these trigger vague memories of watching all the smoke and backfires of those double wasps on startup. Oh those amazing flying machines...
Tom Vance
Way too cool Gman! can you imagine if we had digital cameras back then....
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