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Airbus A320 (N809JB)


The port side tail design of JBU's newest special livery scheme, "jetBlue For GOOD," as the A320 (N809JB) touches down on runway 16R at Reno Tahoe International to complete the first half of a noon hour here-and-back roundtrip Long Beach - Reno run (KLGB-KRNO-KLGB). The design on the other side is different. The next photo in my folder shows the starboard side design.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
There was a blinding snow squall moving in from behind me (from the south) as this jetBlue A320 wearing the newest special garb was on approach from the north, and I was standing with fingers crossed that N809JB would get to the airport before the snow because I could see that the snow squall would severely obstruct my snaps of "jetBlue For GOOD." But just getting it landing wasn't all I needed time to do. Because I had already seen the great pics of this special paint that were previously posted in FA's gallery by the excellent Boston-based photographer duo of John M. and Darryl S., I also knew the tail of this one had different paint designs on each side, which meant that in order for me to get both sides I needed "jetBlue For GOOD" to land so I could snap the port side, and then stop, turn on to a taxiway, and taxi back to the terminal so I could click the starboard side as it went past me again. And ... all of that had to happen BEFORE the snow started falling. The aviation spotter gods were smiling down on me because the snow squall moved over the airport grounds right after this one nosed up to its Concourse B gate.
Greg Byington
Well done, Gary!
Tom Vance
Now were talking "diehard" Gman aviation freak! I know a couple of photogs in the SFO area that would have stayed in the snow to get the 2 views! I hope you got Christmas Isotoner gloves with the finger tips cut! 5x
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Data Aeromobile Origine Destinazione Partenza Arrivo Durata
21/mag/2019 A320Int'l di Las Vegas ()internazionale John F. Kennedy () 15:59 PDT 23:49 EDT Schedulato
21/mag/2019 A320internazionale John F. Kennedy ()Int'l di Las Vegas () 12:28 EDT 14:30 PDT Schedulato
21/mag/2019 A320Int'l di Orlando ()internazionale John F. Kennedy () 08:23 EDT 10:26 EDT Schedulato
20/mag/2019 A320Int'l di Salt Lake City ()Int'l di Orlando () 22:08 MDT 04:08 EDT (+1) Schedulato
20/mag/2019 A320Int'l di Orlando ()Int'l di Salt Lake City () 18:19 EDT 21:08 MDT Schedulato
20/mag/2019 A320Westchester County ()Int'l di Orlando () 15:21 EDT 17:32 EDT In volo
20/mag/2019 A320Int'l di Southwest Florida ()Westchester County () 11:32 EDT 14:00 EDT 2:27
20/mag/2019 A320Westchester County ()Int'l di Southwest Florida () 07:45 EDT 10:15 EDT 2:29
19/mag/2019 A320Int'l di Orlando ()Westchester County () 21:11 EDT 23:26 EDT 2:14
19/mag/2019 A320Int'l di Cancun ()Int'l di Orlando () 16:38 EST 19:12 EDT 1:34
19/mag/2019 A320Int'l di Orlando ()Int'l di Cancun () 14:25 EDT 15:00 EST 1:34
19/mag/2019 A320Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson ()Int'l di Orlando () 11:37 EDT 12:39 EDT 1:02
19/mag/2019 A320Int'l di Orlando ()Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson () 09:16 EDT 10:15 EDT 0:58
19/mag/2019 A320Newark-Liberty ()Int'l di Orlando () 05:33 EDT 07:32 EDT 1:58
18/mag/2019 A320Int'l Grantley Adams ()Newark-Liberty () 15:56 AST 20:33 EDT 4:36
18/mag/2019 A320Newark-Liberty ()Int'l Grantley Adams () 10:06 EDT 14:22 AST 4:15
17/mag/2019 A320Int'l di Southwest Florida ()Newark-Liberty () 21:00 EDT 23:21 EDT 2:21
17/mag/2019 A320Newark-Liberty ()Int'l di Southwest Florida () 17:19 EDT 19:45 EDT 2:26
17/mag/2019 A320Int'l di Southwest Florida ()Newark-Liberty () 13:34 EDT 16:01 EDT 2:27
17/mag/2019 A320Newark-Liberty ()Int'l di Southwest Florida () 09:49 EDT 12:20 EDT 2:30
16/mag/2019 A320Int'l di Orlando ()Newark-Liberty () 18:19 EDT 20:36 EDT 2:16
16/mag/2019 A320internazionale Juan Santamaría ()Int'l di Orlando () 11:13 CST 15:56 EDT 2:42
16/mag/2019 A320Int'l di Orlando ()internazionale Juan Santamaría () 09:16 EDT 10:02 CST 2:45
15/mag/2019 A320Int'l di Los Angeles ()Int'l di Orlando () 16:51 PDT 23:57 EDT 4:05
15/mag/2019 A320Int'l di Orlando ()Int'l di Los Angeles () 13:25 EDT 15:23 PDT 4:57
15/mag/2019 A320Newark-Liberty ()Int'l di Orlando () 05:32 EDT 07:37 EDT 2:04
14/mag/2019 A320Int'l di Orlando ()Newark-Liberty () 21:21 EDT 23:30 EDT 2:09
14/mag/2019 A320Int'l di Cancun ()Int'l di Orlando () 17:24 EST 19:52 EDT 1:27
14/mag/2019 A320Int'l di Orlando ()Int'l di Cancun () 15:26 EDT 16:06 EST 1:40
14/mag/2019 A320Int'l di Austin-Bergstrom ()Int'l di Orlando () 10:05 CDT 12:59 EDT 1:53
14/mag/2019 A320Int'l di Orlando ()Int'l di Austin-Bergstrom () 07:35 EDT 09:14 CDT 2:39
13/mag/2019 A320Newark-Liberty ()Int'l di Orlando () 23:14 EDT 01:26 EDT (+1) 2:11
13/mag/2019 A320Int'l di Orlando ()Newark-Liberty () 19:34 EDT 21:29 EDT 1:54
13/mag/2019 A320Newark-Liberty ()Int'l di Orlando () 15:37 EDT 18:11 EDT 2:33
13/mag/2019 A320Int'l di Palm Beach ()Newark-Liberty () 08:42 EDT 10:49 EDT 2:07
12/mag/2019 A320Westchester County ()Int'l di Palm Beach () 19:38 EDT 22:16 EDT 2:37
12/mag/2019 A320Int'l di Palm Beach ()Westchester County () 16:09 EDT 18:24 EDT 2:14
12/mag/2019 A320T. F. Green International ()Int'l di Palm Beach () 11:40 EDT 14:38 EDT 2:57
12/mag/2019 A320Int'l di Palm Beach ()T. F. Green International () 08:13 EDT 10:40 EDT 2:26
11/mag/2019 A320Fiorello LaGuardia ()Int'l di Palm Beach () 16:30 EDT 18:48 EDT 2:17
11/mag/2019 A320Int'l di Palm Beach ()Fiorello LaGuardia () 13:05 EDT 15:15 EDT 2:09
11/mag/2019 A320Newark-Liberty ()Int'l di Palm Beach () 09:30 EDT 11:50 EDT 2:19
11/mag/2019 A320San Juan-Isla Verde ()Newark-Liberty () 03:59 AST 07:21 EDT 3:21
10/mag/2019 A320Newark-Liberty ()San Juan-Isla Verde () 23:18 EDT 02:37 AST (+1) 3:18
10/mag/2019 A320Int'l di Orlando ()Newark-Liberty () 19:53 EDT 22:08 EDT 2:14
10/mag/2019 A320internazionale Juan Santamaría ()Int'l di Orlando () 11:13 CST 16:06 EDT 2:52
10/mag/2019 A320Int'l di Orlando ()internazionale Juan Santamaría () 09:03 EDT 09:40 CST 2:37
09/mag/2019 A320internazionale John F. Kennedy ()Int'l di Orlando () 21:59 EDT 00:01 EDT (+1) 2:01
09/mag/2019 A320Raleigh-Durham Intl ()internazionale John F. Kennedy () 18:51 EDT 19:52 EDT 1:00
09/mag/2019 A320internazionale John F. Kennedy ()Raleigh-Durham Intl () 15:52 EDT 17:01 EDT 1:09
09/mag/2019 A320Int'l di Chicago O'Hare ()internazionale John F. Kennedy () 10:47 CDT 13:20 EDT 1:32
09/mag/2019 A320internazionale John F. Kennedy ()Int'l di Chicago O'Hare () 07:44 EDT 08:45 CDT 2:00
08/mag/2019 A320Bob Hope ()internazionale John F. Kennedy () 21:32 PDT 05:21 EDT (+1) 4:48
08/mag/2019 A320internazionale John F. Kennedy ()Bob Hope () 16:59 EDT 19:46 PDT 5:46
08/mag/2019 A320Newark-Liberty ()internazionale John F. Kennedy () 11:09 EDT 11:38 EDT 0:29
08/mag/2019 A320San Juan-Isla Verde ()Newark-Liberty () 06:25 AST 09:54 EDT 3:28
08/mag/2019 A320Newark-Liberty ()San Juan-Isla Verde () 01:55 EDT 05:10 AST 3:14
07/mag/2019 A320Int'l di Orlando ()Newark-Liberty () 18:02 EDT 20:03 EDT 2:01
07/mag/2019 A320internazionale Juan Santamaría ()Int'l di Orlando () 11:14 CST 15:49 EDT 2:35
07/mag/2019 A320Int'l di Orlando ()internazionale Juan Santamaría () 09:08 EDT 09:59 CST 2:51
06/mag/2019 A320Int'l di Città del Messico ()Int'l di Orlando () 19:01 CDT 22:29 EDT 2:27
06/mag/2019 A320Int'l di Orlando ()Int'l di Città del Messico () 14:59 EDT 17:05 CDT 3:06
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