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Lockheed L-188 Electra (N5503)


I have two separate snaps of this EAL Lockheed L-188A Electra (N5503) on the KBUF ramp back in the later 60s. Both Kodakcolor 620 film photos were faded so I scanned both old prints and then did a bit of PS work to resurrect the original color as much as possible. I then tried to merge the two pictures (this front shot to the aft one) but the size differential was too large to make it look acceptable. So here is the first of the two pictures.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
The Eastern hockey stick livery is shown better on the other photo of the tail end that I will rework and post soon.
Lockheed's wonderful Electra! Gary, thanks for sharing this photo with us!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Hey, Cliff, howdy and TY. And if you have a free moment, punch up "Gary Schenauer You Tube Buffalo." There are two of them with that title. Watch #2. Do you remember when I had tossed all my old 8mm films from the 60s away and Greg B urged me to go get them back out of the trash can? I dug them back out as the trash truck came up the street. Well, I ended up sending them all to Chris in Oregon. He salvaged them. He just posted a new vid made from the very oldest silent 8mm movies that I shot when I was a teen in Buffalo. They were the very first ones; all faded away, brittle, scratchy, and cracked. I cannot believe he was able to get anything viewable, but he got almost 5 minutes of movies from those. If you have 5 minutes, go check it out. There is an American L-188 Electra taxiing; also a Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar and an American DC-6 taking off, an Eastern 727, an American 707 landing and taxiing, a UA 727 and a UA Viscount, and even old cars (Corvair, Chevvy Impala, etc) pulling up to watch the airliners take off. And get this ... there is even a STEWARDESS in it! Yep, back when they were known as stewardesses and they were all female and young and ... well, you remember, right? Check it out, Cliff. Flashback time to the great days of air travel. Nobody getting beaten up back then, eh? (Grin)
Tom Vance
I just checked the Vid 2 Gman..................WOW,,,great stuff, and great editing by the guy in Oregon!
Gary, my thanks to you, my friend... and yes, I did enjoy the #2 "movie" capture. Those images are incredible to view today. Even the stewardess... which as you commented, they were all female and young back then!!! The Chevy Corvair sure got my attention, along with the '59 Impala too! Thanks again and I'm very grateful you retrieved those old 8mm movie films in the nick of time... and this one was a very nice trip back to my youth also! (Yes - before passengers were hauled off of airplanes for the seat they occupied and air travel was a special event!)
Greg Byington
Cool videos, Gary! I'm glad you kept them!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Tom ... Hey, Alien, howyadoin? (Wave) Glad you liked the video. I was amazed Chris was able to salvage anything from those ancient old movies. And there is a PS to this ... Apparently, there are folks who are interested in boats. (Not my "thing," but hey, to each his/her own, right? lol) Anyway, in 65, when I was in NYC as a kid, I went to NY harbor. And I filmed a one-minute scene of a luxury liner ... the SS United States. The 60-second film is in great condition. I'm told the United States held the speed record (for boats) for crossing the Atlantic and one dude said it still does hold that record. Today, the SS United States is a rusty junk hulk somewhere in Philly harbor, but in my film it looks awesome! There aren't any a/c on that film so I was intending to toss it but it turns out there are quite a few folks who want to see the segment so I'm sending it to Chris and I guess he's going to post it on You Tube. Whodathought, eh? I mean, it's just a boat. I've got tons of old 8mm movies here; can't watch any of them but now I'm trying to remember what other stuff I filmed back then. Heck, I was in Boston in the 60s too, and I think I filmed Old Ironbottom or whatever that ship's name is. (lol)
Greg ... I'm grateful to you for jumping in and urging me to get them back out of the trash can. I must admit; I never thought anyone would be able to do anything with them; they were so old. So TYVM for the advice.
Mark Thomas
Gary, there are a whole bunch of folks who were trying to raise funds to keep the ship berthed in Philly. Several hundreds of thousands of dollars if memory serves. Their intent was to restore the ship to its former glory. (Millions and millions more dollars) I'll bet they would be supremely interested in that footage! I believe they have a website if you're so inclined.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Hey, Mark. Hokey smoke! Just looked and you're right; there's a whole whoop-de-do about that boat. Maybe they'll want my old 8mm flick. (And PS ... There are some pics of it as it is today. Man, she's only good for footpath guardrails now. Sorta sad ... what she once was and what she is today. I guess it's like when the 747s and Mad Dogs are wfu and scrapped. Eventually everything ends up in a graveyard.)
Greg Byington
Hey, you're very welcome, Gary! I'm glad it worked out!
Tom Vance
Gman...get one of the little reel spinners where you can view your film by twisting the handles back and forth, I've picked one up at a thrift shop for 5.00. You should be able to find one,

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