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Airbus A320 (N595JB)


The Boston Celtics visit Reno!
Over the past week, jetBlue has sent three special livery birds here. The only problem is that JBU's two flights here each day are at the worst possible times for photography: the daily Long Beach-Reno-Long Beach (KLGB-KRNO-KLGB) flight occurs during the noon hour when the sun is shining straight down and the temperatures on the airport are the hottest of the day, and the nightly KJFK-KRNO-KJFK trip arrives and departs Reno during the late evening hours. This click captured JBU's "Lucky Blue," the Boston Celtics special schemebird, as it touched down on 16R at 35 minutes past noon.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
JetBlue's "Vacations" scheme was here less than a week ago, so I've scratched two of the four JBU special paints off of my "MUST CATCH" list. "Blueprint" is now #1 on that list.
Uwe Zinke
very nice shot Gary!!!
Greg Byington
Awesome shot! What a lucky catch and quality snap!
Dave Sheehy
Outstanding shot! 5*++++
Great shot Gary and the lighting looks good.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Uwe, Greg, Isaac, Dave, and Maurice .... Hi to all, and also Thanks to each of you. Very much appreciate the comments.
Nice photo with downtown Reno as a background.
Desert Photography is always a challenge for the reasons you give--BUT
BUT--you did a nice job with this photo.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Gary & Marylou ... Thanx for the comments. Marylou, it is a challenge, and whenever possible I try to avoid having to be out there snapping pics at the most heat-intense times, but -- as is the case here -- a couple of airlines only schedule flights in and out during the middle of the day -- OR -- we get some military a/c passing thru in the midday hours, and then it is either try to adjust for the high heat and direct sun or pass up the opportunity -- and I rarely decide to pass (lol). So I very much appreciate your compliment re: this capture. (Wave)
Dwight Hartje
Outstanding catch and shot, Gary!
Jodi Jones
C.W. Reed
"JetGreen"! Great shot! Thanks Gary! Cheers!
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Data Aeromobile Origine Destinazione Partenza Arrivo Durata
01/mar/2021 A320Fiorello LaGuardia ()Int'l di Orlando () 16:39 EST 19:02 EST Schedulato
01/mar/2021 A320Int'l di Orlando ()Fiorello LaGuardia () 13:10 EST 15:21 EST Schedulato
01/mar/2021 A320internazionale John F. Kennedy ()Int'l di Orlando () 08:40 EST 11:04 EST Schedulato
28/feb/2021 A320Int'l di Palm Springs ()internazionale John F. Kennedy () 13:36 PST 20:46 EST 4:09
28/feb/2021 A320internazionale John F. Kennedy ()Int'l di Palm Springs () 09:05 EST 11:51 PST 5:45
26/feb/2021 A320Int'l El Dorado ()internazionale John F. Kennedy () 23:42 -05 04:54 EST (+1) 5:11
26/feb/2021 A320internazionale John F. Kennedy ()Int'l El Dorado () 16:20 EST 21:32 -05 5:11
26/feb/2021 A320Int'l L.F. Wade ()internazionale John F. Kennedy () 11:18 AST 12:22 EST 2:04
26/feb/2021 A320internazionale John F. Kennedy ()Int'l L.F. Wade () 07:28 EST 09:54 AST 1:26
25/feb/2021 A320San Juan-Isla Verde ()internazionale John F. Kennedy () 21:41 AST 00:19 EST (+1) 3:38
25/feb/2021 A320internazionale John F. Kennedy ()San Juan-Isla Verde () 16:03 EST 20:06 AST 3:02
23/feb/2021 A320Int'l di Orlando ()internazionale John F. Kennedy () 18:23 EST 20:20 EST 1:56
23/feb/2021 A320internazionale John F. Kennedy ()Int'l di Orlando () 14:36 EST 16:53 EST 2:16
22/feb/2021 A320Int'l di Sacramento ()internazionale John F. Kennedy () 23:32 PST 07:04 EST (+1) 4:31
22/feb/2021 A320internazionale John F. Kennedy ()Int'l di Sacramento () 18:57 EST 21:54 PST 5:56
22/feb/2021 A320Int'l Las Américas ()internazionale John F. Kennedy () 15:13 AST 17:38 EST 3:24
22/feb/2021 A320internazionale John F. Kennedy ()Int'l Las Américas () 08:44 EST 12:46 AST 3:01
21/feb/2021 A320internazionale Juan Santamaría ()internazionale John F. Kennedy () 23:42 CST 05:02 EST (+1) 4:19
21/feb/2021 A320internazionale John F. Kennedy ()internazionale Juan Santamaría () 18:03 EST 21:49 CST 4:46
21/feb/2021 A320Int'l di Cancun ()internazionale John F. Kennedy () 13:11 EST 16:15 EST 3:03
21/feb/2021 A320internazionale John F. Kennedy ()Int'l di Cancun () 07:39 EST 11:17 EST 3:37
20/feb/2021 A320Int'l di Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood ()internazionale John F. Kennedy () 16:31 EST 18:41 EST 2:09
20/feb/2021 A320T. F. Green International ()Int'l di Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood () 12:30 EST 15:18 EST 2:48
20/feb/2021 A320Int'l di Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood ()T. F. Green International () 08:42 EST 11:01 EST 2:19
19/feb/2021 A320Int'l di Salt Lake City ()Int'l di Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood () 23:43 MST 05:24 EST (+1) 3:40
19/feb/2021 A320Int'l di Los Angeles ()Int'l di Salt Lake City () 16:27 PST 18:48 MST 1:20
19/feb/2021 A320Int'l di Bradley ()Int'l di Los Angeles () 12:03 EST 15:21 PST 6:17
18/feb/2021 A320Int'l di Tampa ()Int'l di Bradley () 17:22 EST 19:27 EST 2:04
18/feb/2021 A320Int'l di Bradley ()Int'l di Tampa () 13:17 EST 16:14 EST 2:56
17/feb/2021 A320Int'l di Tampa ()Int'l di Bradley () 16:31 EST 18:37 EST 2:05
17/feb/2021 A320Int'l di Bradley ()Int'l di Tampa () 12:23 EST 15:24 EST 3:00
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