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North American TB-25 Mitchell (N5672V)


There is only a 40-year difference in time between these two models of warbirds, but wow! What a difference forty years can make.
On the left, 163868, a USMC AV-8B Harrier, is just about to take off straight up into the sky as "Betty's Dream" (N5672V; previously 45-8835), a North American B-25J Mitchell bomber operated by the Texas Flying Legends Museum), taxies toward the RTS ramp.

To learn more about "Betty's Dream," click on the link below ....



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Mark Thomas
Gorgeous shot Gary, if only they could make that kind of leap forward in cancer research!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
"Betty's Dream" was built in 1945; the first Harriers were delivered and flown in the early 1980s. Way back in 1942, Doolittle's idea of putting B-25s on an aircraft carrier, transporting them across the Pacific, and then actually launching them while still far out at sea was unbelievably audacious, but he and his aircrews somehow got aircraft just like "Betty's Dream" off the end of the deck and airborne. Less than forty years after that astounding feat, Harriers could take off and land on a carrier's deck by going straight up and straight down -- no problem. Only 40 years separates these two warbirds, but the only real similarity between them is just that they are both warbirds.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
TYVM, Mark. And you are so right. Advancements in aviation are amazing, but humankind has not yet been able to make similar advancements in defeating cancers (and many other diseases). But perhaps this will be the "breakthrough" year. I personally know five people who will rejoice if it is.
Greg Byington
Nicely done, Gary!
Tom Vance
Frick! Gman gold standard photo set up......!! x5 stars & a Calender shot pic...!
Dave Sheehy
Outstanding catch and shot, Gary.
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