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Boeing 737-900 (N306AS)


Arriving from Seattle, ASA's N306AS is passing over the business area south of the airport while on final to 34L for a midafternoon (3 PM) arrival.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Alien ..... I know you had mentioned that you would join me on a climb up the Snake, but I haven't heard from you lately so I decided it was time to put my broken leg to the ultimate test. When the wind at the airport picked up and also started coming from the northwest, the tower folks reversed the runway usage from 16R / 16L to 34L / 34R .... and even though by then the sun was more to the west I packed up my camera gear and headed up. And as is obvious from this shot, I successfully completed another trip to the top. So the leg is back to 100% and I'm ready to hike up with you anytime you want, my friend. (Thumbs Up)
Dwight Hartje
Fantastic image from on top The Snake!
Gavin Hughes
What a great position and while the sun's not quite playing the game (can't fight nature!), the ambient light and reflections from the ground make for a great shot which has been well executed.
Darryl Sarno
Wow! Stunning photo! 5 *'s and more!
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