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16-3149 — - This F/A-18A+ (163149) of the US Navy Reserves VFA-204 "River Rattlers" (NAS JRB New Orleans) is still executing a hard left into an extremely short final for NAS Fallons runway 31L in this click taken seven hours ago.
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16-3149 —


This F/A-18A+ (163149) of the US Navy Reserve's VFA-204 "River Rattlers" (NAS JRB New Orleans) is still executing a hard left into an extremely short final for NAS Fallon's runway 31L in this click taken seven hours ago.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Vortice scenes are not all that common out here because the air is usually quite dry, so my plan was to try for some today because the moisture levels were high and the temps were right near the freezing mark. But I ended up getting much better than I'd ever dared to hope. I've never captured a vortice shot from this angle before so this pic was already a super rarity ... and then there was only one! It is the same in every pic I clicked of this one as it came toward me and then overhead ... just the one v-stream from the left side. I'll never get anything like this ever again. The conditions are the same on both sides ( ... the temp and the humidity), so why nothing from the right wing? If there is a pilot out there who can enlighten me as to why just the left, I'd be very appreciative. ??
great picture Sir
Todd Royer
Not a pilot, but have seen this several times. Defining factor seems to be the Sidewinder mounted on the wing tip, must be something with the fins on the missile disrupting the vortices as the telemetry pod on the port wing in this shot does not seem to be having the same effect
Notice that it's coming from the lower wing in a left hand bank. Higher disruption of apparent wind. The fins on the sidewinder DO make the the radius of the vortex tighter, more visibly tubular... (GREAT PHOTO!)
Greg Byington
That's a cool shot, Gary! Nicely done!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Chris ... Howdy, and TYVM for the compli. And a bit of info just to clarify ... I'm not a "Sir" (big grin). Never wore any bars or leaves or etc. on my uniform collar during my military days. Not certain if you are AD or a vet or etc., so I'll just say that in my day a Sarge never wanted to be confused with a Sir (and the Sirs felt the same way). (Wink, another grin, and a Thumbs up) And PS, Chris ... The KC-135 vid is a fave of mine, and those flood vids are amazing.
Todd and William ... Thanks for your comments and observations. I looked at some other snaps I took yesterday and sure enough ... on a shot of an F/A-18E Super Hornet the wingtip "accessories" are mounted the opposite way and only the right side has a v-stream. (I'm going to post a click of it later.) So your explanations seem 100% spot-on. TYVM, guys.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Hey, Greg, how ya doing? (Wave) Many Thanks for your comment.
lol ok thanks for watching those Gary...
Greg Byington
You're welcome, Gary! Thanks for another great pic!
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