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Antonov An-225 Mriya (UR-82060)
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Antonov An-225 Mriya (UR-82060)



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Gavin Hughes
Superb photo.
ken kemper
Awesome Photo !!
impressive , any idea of the price per day/flight our ?
This is a Great picture that really showcases how far apart the vertical stabilizers are! It needed those for the job of carrying the Buron Shuttle. I've not seen one in person before, just it's cousin the AN-124 taking off from Fort Worth Alliance.
I can't get over the size of the...I guess that's the horizontal stabilizer? It's like a massive wing on its own.
Jim Smith
Back around 2000ish there was an airshow and static display at Snohomish County, WA (KPAE) This was sitting on the ramp open so my wife and I wandered into its cavernous maw. The crew had a table set up under the wing and was selling little tchochkes. I still have the Antonov Design Bureau ball cap.
On my bucket list to see up close and personal.
Superb photograph of excellent Soviet aeronautical engineering!
holy moly! impressive
Jack White
We should be building a similar (but better and larger) version of this, right here in the USA.
David Plummer
To the uploader, fantastic picture of this beast. To the other poster...Before anyone builds a bigger, larger, longer... whatever of the AN-225, besides getting over some obvious manhood issues, it might be a good idea to make sure there is a market for such a development. This plane is amazing, but only one was completed and there doesn't seem to be a huge demand for the manufacturer to build more of them. They haven't been able to secure the funding necessary to complete the second airframe that is reported to be 60-70% complete. The world seemed to have managed without this aircraft for over a year leading into early 2020, so I'm not sure there is a meaningful market for more aircraft of this size.
mark lovelien
Fantastic picture. What a beast!!
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