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McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom 2 (72-1494) - USAF Heritage Flight at Andrews Open House, May 2008
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McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom 2 (72-1494)


USAF Heritage Flight at Andrews Open House, May 2008


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Great shot! I bet the Mustang was full throttle just to keep the Phantom, Eagle, and Lightning II from stalling.
Dwight Hartje
Great shot and size comparison.
Jeremy Kudlick, I believe is a F-22 Raptor. The F-35 Lighting II has only one engine.
Denny Nelson
It is a Raptor, but I bet that Rolls-Royce is just a spinning to keep it ahead.
Notice the forward slats on the F-4 needed to provide lift and keep from stalling at low speed.
I agree great shot, from 12:00 position clock wise rotation, p-51,f-15,f-4,f-22, I am sure the 51 is with in his Vno, and the others are above there Vs, and sure if you had to bounce around your Vs you would probably fatten up your wing too!?
Karl Foose
Aztecdriver, surprisingly, the stall speed of those 4 aircraft isn't too different - around 100-120mph, and their performance envelopes overlap by about 300mph. What you see on the F4 is not slats deployed, but rather a split leading-edge. If the aircraft were going excessively slow, it's probably to make a better photo-op for the heritage flight.
Oh, this is a cool picture!!!!!1
清敏 金城
Dwight - good catch on my mistake.
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