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Boeing B-29 Superfortress (N69972) - The long-awaited Doc arriving on RWY 24R in Cleveland for the first time since its restoration, on 31 May 2018.
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Boeing B-29 Superfortress (N69972)


The long-awaited Doc arriving on RWY 24R in Cleveland for the first time since its restoration, on 31 May 2018.


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Leon Kay
A nice photo of a very historic plane. It earned an important place in history as the plane that was responsible for ending World War 2 after dropping the first Atomic Bomb over Hiroshima.
Luc Barbier
Precision after the first comment :
Accordintg to wikipedia the B29 N69972 was delivered to the United States Army Air Forces in March 1945. The aircraft did not see combat, and was converted to a radar calibration aircraft in 1951.
Al Bauer
Luc Barther-Is that why there is no bottom gun turret?
David Seider
@Al Bauer: "Doc" doesn't sport any turrets. My guesses as to why are: a) The turrets were removed by the Air Force when she was modified for her radar calibration work (per Mr. Barbier and Wiki) or b) they were too much of a pain to restore (less likely).
Don't quote me!
David Sims
I believe Doc was one of the Silverplate B-29s that were built for carrying atomic weapons. They were built without turrets to reduce weight.
Great shot of a beautiful aircraft !!!
David Sims - Apparently, "Doc" wasn't one of Silverplate B-29 aircraft.

Here's what Joe Baugher related regarding "Doc", which was built as a Boeing B-29-70-BW Superfortress, USAAF s/n 44-69972, (MSN 10814)...

“69972 (MSN 10814) to Bechtel-McCone Modification Center, Birmingham, AL Mar 1945. To Combat Crew Training Squadron, 331st AAFBU, Barksdale Field, LA Apr 1945. To 4141st AAFBU, Pyote Field, TX Nov 1945. To 41st Base Unit, Pyote Field, TX Feb 1946. To 2753rd Aircraft Storage Squadron (Air Material Command) at Pyote AFB, TX Oct 1950. to San Antonio Air Material Area, Kelly AAF, TX Nov 1950. Redesignated TB-29 for radar evaluation by the Oklahoma City Air Materiel Area (OCAMA), Tinker AFB, OK May 51 To 7th Radar Calibration Squadron at Griffiss AFB, NY Jul 1951. Accident 28 Nov 51 due to mechanical failure landing at Robins AFB, GA To 109th Radar Calibration Squadron at Griffiss AFB, NY Sep 1952. To 1st Radar Calibration Squadron at Griffiss AFB, NY Dec 1952 Named ‘Doc’ [the squadron named its aircraft for Snow White and the seven dwarfs’ To 4713rd Radar Evaluation Flight at Griffiss AFB, NY Mar 1954. To Arco Manufacturing Corp at Berry Field TN for work Mar 1955 To 17th Tow Target Squadron, Yuma County Airport, AZ May 1955.To 4750th Air Defense Wing, Yuma County Airport, Az May 1955. Transferred to US Navy Mar 1956. To China Lake Oct 15, 1956 for use as ballistic target for air combat training. Retired to China Lake Mar 14, 1965. *Doc* stored on range for many years at Naval Air Warfare Center, China Lake, CA. Acquired by National Museum of Naval Aviation Feb 1994 and registered N6735C but did not leave China Lake until recovered Apr 15, 1998 and moved to United States Air Museum, Inoykern, CA in exchange for a B-25 for restoration. Registered N44697 Mar 19, 1998 and sent to Boeing plant in Wichita KS for restoration back to flying condition as N69972 Jul 1998. Aircraft moved out of the Boeing plant Mar 2007 (they needed the room) and a hangar appeal has been launched. Restoration virtually complete Sep 2015. Awarded FAA Air Worthiness Certificate May 19, 2016. First flight Jul 17, 2016. On loan to Kansas Aviation Museum, Wichita, KS”.

john cook
We all love the B-29's But I think B-17's had something to do with ending WWII
as will as ALL the other plane's of the war.
gwapo santa
my father was captain pilot in a B29 washington Squadron based at RAF Coningsby Lincs UK (149 SQN )
nice 2 c the picture
Ed JonesPhoto Uploader
I agree 100% John. I posted a few pix of the Memphis Belle when it was unveiled to the public at the National Museum of the US Air Force a few weeks ago. Doc, the B-29 was my focus this week because there are only two still flying in the world, I had never seen one in the air until now, and Doc’s Cleveland connection. Many of us are fascinated with the Warbirds and they
certainly deserve equal praise, not to mention the brave men and women who gave so much. They are the greatest generation- true hero’s!
Neither DOC nor FIFI ever saw combat, but they are still flying.
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