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BOEING 777-300 — - Morning early at 8 am in amsterdam
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BOEING 777-300 —


Morning early at 8 am in amsterdam


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Very very Awesome!
Just so cool to see the moisture vortex's overflowing from the extended flaps. Be interesting to know the dew point. Is that frost on the grass? Early morning or evening?Perhaps no description makes the photo more interesting. Great shot!
Mark T Murray
Great shot & set up!
Cool picture!!!!!!!!
Outstanding catch! 5*
Awesome, amazing shot.
Chuck Pergiel
Roy Hunte
Chuck, planes usually land at airports last time I checked, at least that's what I've seen them do. Very nice B&W shot.
A FA member asked... "Airport?".

To quote Roy's response..."planes usually land at airports last time I checked, at least that's what I've seen them do. Very nice B&W shot."

Lest you set yourself up, it pays to be somewhat careful how you phrase a question around here... just saying!!! All, of course, in good jest and humor!!! :-)

Not to worry, though. Thorsten did not include an airport identifier with his superb uploaded photo. If one looks at his collection of excellent photos here, you'll observe the list of possible airports can be narrowed down to a very short list of two or three candidates.

That's typically the case with most all airplane spotters taking photos. They have their favorite airports.
Roy Hunte
You're right Cliff, was having a bit of fun last night, lol.


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