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The right place, at the right time, with outstanding light = superb shot!
Framing Top!five stars for me...
Absolutely magnificent photo!
ken kemper

You have a perfect pic. !!
Great photo how did you take it with your camera?
Jim Smirh
Nah, the plane just flew through some sticky, low scud and is dragging it to the ground. Clearing the sky is a rarely appreciated airline service!
Tim Pacan
Absolutely. A fantastic photo, but HDR colouring added in. Very unnatural, but still a great photo.
Oh, wow, that's about perfect! The Queen of the Skies still rules, and photographically, you couldn't have captured her better. Great shot!
Awsume shot. Perfect!
Glen Charles
stellar photo!!!
Beautiful pic of the new Queen! The perspective is great with the traffic below, and the -8 clearing clouds out of the way. Photoshopped or not, its a stunning photo art. Thanks for sharing, Thorsten.
Eric curry
What a pretty shot, it does look photoshopped but still very nice shot. The cloud edges above the tree line seems unusual, clouds would not stop just above the tree branches... still. Very pretty photo. I could be wrong, it might be a very lucky shot.
Luiz Vieira
Simplesmente Fantastico. Show de imagem.
wow! outstanding!!
renato basso
its like a picture. Five stars
john doe
Certainly seen some post-processing, but pretty slick all the same.
Harald Heuser
Looks like the A3 between Wiesbadener Kreuz and Frankfurt airport.
Eric curry
Totally photoshopped but very pretty.
Matt Lacey
A class on the physics of water vapor would make laughing at online commenters a lot less common.
serge LOTH
Excellent!! prima!!
Nice screen work. Unfortunately the dark halo indicates the 747 was dropped in or heavily worked on. It appears there is also some trace of selection pixalation and I suspect tree line cloud also heavily enhanced.
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Data Aeromobile Origine Destinazione Partenza Arrivo Durata
27/nov/2020 B748Francoforte sul Meno ()Int'l di Città del Messico () 14:14 CET 18:48 CST In volo
23/nov/2020 B748Int'l di Città del Messico ()Francoforte sul Meno () 21:48 CST 14:55 CET (+1) 10:06
23/nov/2020 B748Francoforte sul Meno ()Int'l di Città del Messico () 14:08 CET 19:06 CST 11:57
21/nov/2020 B748San Paolo-Guarulhos ()Francoforte sul Meno () 19:48 -03 10:18 CET (+1) 10:30
20/nov/2020 B748Francoforte sul Meno ()San Paolo-Guarulhos () 22:21 CET 05:58 -03 (+1) 11:36
19/nov/2020 B748San Paolo-Guarulhos ()Francoforte sul Meno () 19:57 -03 10:46 CET (+1) 10:48
18/nov/2020 B748Francoforte sul Meno ()San Paolo-Guarulhos () 21:56 CET 05:36 -03 (+1) 11:39
16/nov/2020 B748Int'l di Città del Messico ()Francoforte sul Meno () 21:48 CST 14:35 CET (+1) 9:46
16/nov/2020 B748Francoforte sul Meno ()Int'l di Città del Messico () 14:00 CET 18:57 CST 11:56
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