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Lockheed P-38 Lightning


This one is a little soft, but it shows the other side of the two I posted earlier.


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Alan Brown
Thanks for this view. Have to say that I was wrong on the "120" nose art.
Steve Brown
Who owns these planes and where do they fly?
john cook
Inside the turn is a good angle.
Looks Good
Steve, #162 is owned by Planes of Fame and is Chino based.
Dave Knapp Photo Uploader
$120 is "Thoughts of Midnight".

According to the internet it is owned by Tom Friedkin in Texas.
Dave Knapp Photo Uploader
I actually captured these at an air show put on by Planes of Fame in Chino, California. It was called "Lightning Strikes Chino". They had 5 Lightning's plus on f5 that did not fly.

They were:

Glacier Girl
Thoughts of Midnight and
Honey Bunny.
Mario R. Valdes
That plane was so ahead of his time!


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