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Bell 222 (N427MA)


KMHV - Mercy Air when based at Mojave, CA - I think I took this in early 2000s.


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OK, I'm officially jealous, T. (Grin) I've been on the outside of MHV; never been inside the fence, and I can't hardly never visualize me getting inside some day (yeeoowzah -- how's THAT for a triple-negative? HUGE grin). I'm going to be pretty close to there later this month; maybe I can find someone who can get me in in exchange for a C-note. I'd pay it gladly. (Waving my hat and filling in all 5 * s for this snap.)
Tom VancePhoto Uploader
Thanks Gman, I know many photogs who easily got Ramp access at MHV, call Airport Ops or check online and see who can help. I'm sure they have Tour Ops.
Tom... a very nice photo capture!! My older brother worked on such rotor craft for PHi and later for Air Logistics (now Bristow) in Louisiana's "Acadiana country" practically all his adult life as a "maintainer" and FAA A&P license holder plus his "free lance" work done on private aircraft too. And I have my share of "seat time" as a frequent passenger on those helicopters too while working out in the Gulf of Mexico.
Tom VancePhoto Uploader
Thank ya Gman...I've never been inside the fence either, but a great airport to visit. I've been here 7-8 times over the years when headed to Laughlin, back when I lived in Gilroy.

Cliff, awesome that your brother was a mx guy for PHi. There is a PHi base here in Redding and I have a few shots of the base I've never posted. I have a few N376PH shots here as well. working out in the Gulf, wow - that would be plenty of seat time - beats rowing.(jk)
Tom - thanks for the kind words regarding my brother!

Yes... those helicopters sure did beat "rowing" around out there on the water... :-)

I'll have to check out that PHi base at Redding - online, of course!

Thanks again!
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