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Lockheed L-1011 TriStar (N31014)


KLAS - July 1995 - 115 degrees and smokin.......E Sunset Blvd Airpark is a neat place to film. I used my F-150 and 8ft ladder in the back of the bed to clear the fence line - 3 - 1 gallon jugs of water and done by noon - scorching hot at Vegas...must see TV!


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C.W. Reed
Another great KLAS shot! Love the L-1011, even though #2 engine made it a little noisy for riding in the back! Thanks again, Tom!!
Tom VancePhoto Uploader
Thanks CW......I appreciate the comments ....this may be one of my last photo postings as FA took away the sort feature - if they do not add it back in, I'll start deleting all of my photos.
Hi Tom:

As you probably can tell I been back and forth with associates at FA about this ridiculous format that you know is not user-friendly without the SORT OPTIONS.
They just don't seem to get it or if they know why are not in a position to divulge to the members. So I too may have posted my last photo N721KJ that started all these comments with a few of the members. The members need to jump in there and leave a comment or e-mail them. I opened up your site and seen some neat photos of yours and it appears possibly our 10 years with this site may finally land. Clear Skies!
Gary Schenauer
Rich, C.W., Viv, Alien, Cliff, Dave, Greg, rwb, and Uwe ... Now on another site. Easy to find the specific photogs you want to view. Also, multiple "repetitive sequence" shots of the same aircraft such as have become routine here and pics of a sky with a dot or a smudge in it that supposedly show an aircraft are not tolerated and are deleted without notice. To each of you above AND also to Leland S., Scot W., Ryan (at FA), John M., Darryl S., Ken K., Tim C., Colin M., Peter M., Jet4, Leon, Marylou, and so many others who have made posting here and viewing here such a great experience for the past 11 years, I say a sincere "Thank You." To my fellow amateur shutterbugs such as Savannah, Fiona, Dwight, Isaac, Mark T., Jake Y., and to the pro photogs Daniel J., Mike P., Chris I., Fabian D., Danny K., Bartolomeo, and many more ... superb pics, folks! Keep your batteries charged and your lenses clean. Here's lookin' thru the viewfinder with ya all. (Wave and a tip of my USSPS cap to all of you.) ... Gary "Olde Carl" (aka: RNOOldeCarl) "See ya"
Tom VancePhoto Uploader
*****The SORT button is back!!!! woo hooooo!!
Tom VancePhoto Uploader
Thank you FA for restoring the sort 5 stars *****
Karl Jackson
Terrific photo!!! Love the L-1011!!!
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